The former child actress dishes on her favorite episode of her Nickelodeon show

Victoria Justice is not afraid to go back to her roots!

The star of the Rocky Horror Picture Show TV revamp sat down with PEOPLE Now to reminisce about Victorious — and dish on her favorite episode.

“I love the episode where my character sings ‘Freak the Freak Out,’ ” Justice, 23, says. “I start off in this really bad makeup with a huge nose and a wart on my face and this ugly wig, and then I transform when I start singing the song.”

“It was really fun!” she adds.

Justice got her start on the popular Nickelodeon show that ran for three years from 2010–13 and also starred singer Ariana Grande. The two reunited last year with the rest of the cast for an Instagram-ready Christmas party that had fans nostalgic for the old show..

And the former child actress — who is rumored to be dating her Rocky Horror costar Reeve Carney — isn’t above breaking out into her old song.

“They’re ingrained in here for the rest of my life,” Justice jokes of the lyrics. “I will never forget.”