'The Bachelor' 's Victoria Fuller Denies Accusation That She Broke Up Marriages: 'Absolutely Not'

On Monday night, Peter Weber's exes convened for the special Women Tell All episode

WARNING: This post contains spoilers from Monday’s episode of The Bachelor.

The end is near, Bachelor Nation.

Monday night’s broadcast of the ABC reality show unfolded in two parts: First, another woman was sent home during this season’s penultimate rose ceremony, and second, Peter Weber‘s exes convened for Women Tell All.

The episode opened in the aftermath of Peter’s date with Madison Prewett, which abruptly ended after he confessed that he had, in fact, gotten “intimate” during his other Fantasy Suite dates — though he didn’t divulge any specific details concerning Hannah Ann Sluss or Victoria Fuller. Madison, a virgin who had made it clear to Peter that she wouldn’t be able to move forward if he slept with the other women, was devastated, and Peter was worried he might have lost her forever.

“I don’t know if she’s going to be able to continue this with me right now. And I get her frustration and her anger and her pain with me and I hate that I’m doing that to her. Maybe I didn’t go about this week the right way,” he admitted. “I just have never gone into a rose ceremony like this, having no idea what’s going to happen.”

Hannah Ann and Victoria, all dressed up and shivering quietly in their gowns, were also wondering where their fellow finalist was. Then, at what felt like the last minute, in walked Madison. The ceremony was soon underway, and an anxious-looking Peter finally revealed his decision, offering the first rose to Hannah Ann and the second to Madison.

As he walked Victoria out, Peter seemed genuinely upset. “I just want you to know how real everything was for me. I swear to God, Victoria, I was falling in love with you,” he told her. “That was all so real. I just know that my heart is farther along with the two other girls.”

After saying goodbye, he returned to his final two women, where Madison made an awkward toast heading into the last week: “Here’s to seeing if love can conquer all.”

Then the Women Tell All kicked off, landing Victoria in the hot seat with host Chris Harrison. After tearfully admitting she was more frustrated with herself than with Peter, Victoria was forced to address the question on everyone’s minds. As viewers recall, on an earlier episode, an ex-girlfriend of Peter’s dropped by to deliver an ominous warning, claiming Victoria had “broken up many relationships.” So what was that about?

“That was extremely frustrating to me. I think that this is somebody who just didn’t like me and she wanted to have a … I don’t really know why she did it,” Victoria said. “I just think maybe she wanted to come on the show.”


As for whether there’s any truth to the accusation? “Absolutely not,” Victoria said. “I think it’s just hard to have this guy that I’m dating who could potentially be my husband now think that about me. And once that’s out there, people think that about you. So I definitely could have handled it better, obviously — I could have handled the whole f—ing season better.”

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Alayah apologized — sort of.

Alayah Benavidez, who Peter sent home (twice) after the women accused her of being fake, insisted she was her true self on the show. But she did express regret for having spread the word about Victoria’s date (during which her ex, country singer Chase Rice, delivered a surprise performance) amongst the contestants.

“That’s my biggest regret in this, that I didn’t just shut up,” she said. “I word-vomit. Sometimes I just don’t think before I talk. But for those of you that have seen me in this house, am I not just as obnoxious in person without cameras?”

Kelsey McNeal/ABC

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Kelsey was emotional, and proud of it.

“Emotions are a good thing,” said Kelsey Weier, who did her fair share of crying this season. “Men and women should be empowered by that, and they should appreciate vulnerability and accept it and not look at it as a negative.”

She also confronted fellow contestant Tammy Ly for accusing her of “drinking excessively” on the show.

“You claiming that I am emotionally unstable, [that I had a] mental breakdown and alcoholic tendencies — it is a strong accusation to make against somebody,” she said. “By you putting that out there, now I am labeled as something that I’m not, and it’s also very rude to the people that do go through those diseases that may watch this show that feel belittled and feel ashamed for the disease that they have. And I’m not okay with that.”


Then Chris brought out another franchise alumna who knows a thing or two about tears: Ashley Iaconetti, who gifted Kelsey with a magnum bottle of champagne in honor of #ChampagneGate.

“This is my girl,” Ashley said of Kelsey. “I feel her so hard. Thank you for representing us emotional girls this season. I also just want to say way to go for standing up to the emotional-shamers out there. There is no place in this world for emotional shaming.”


Peter came face-to-face with his exes.

When it was Peter’s turn in the hot seat, the pilot acknowledged having made “a lot of mistakes” but insisted he did his best.

“I’ve seen a lot going around that I was someone that rewarded the drama,” he said. “There is definitely a lot I would have handled differently, but I really only do have my perspective … and I truly was just following my heart and doing what I felt like I had to do.”


The women, for the most part, said they respected him and his decisions. And what did Peter say was his favorite part of the entire, emotional experience?

“Honestly, all the relationships that I got to explore. I’ll never have that kind of experience ever again in my life, getting to meet so many amazing women and just dive into those relationships and grow, and hopefully they feel the same way.”

The night ended on a powerful note.

At the end of evening, former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay — the franchise’s first and only black lead — joined Chris on stage for an important conversation about online harassment and hate.

“I’d like to talk about something that’s been going on for the last several seasons, something that is not okay,” Chris began. “There is so much passion out there in Bachelor Nation, and it’s not always positive … Unfortunately, there is a line that has been crossed and it’s time to address that.”


“When I was asked to the Bachelorette, I knew it would be hard, and I knew that I would get even more hate and criticism,” Rachel said. “I wanted to pave a way for women who look like me who hadn’t been represented in this role on this show. But sometimes I feel like my efforts are in vain because it seems to just be getting so much worse.”

As she read out a number of hateful, racist and threatening messages the contestants this season have received, Rachel — and the women themselves on stage — got emotional. After discussing the issue, Rachel thanked them for sharing their stories.

“As someone who has been in your shoes, I know how much courage it takes to put yourself out there, to tell your story,” she said. “These people who hide behind their phones and their computers, they don’t have even a fraction of the guts that you have to stand up there today and face them.”

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