Dave Quinn
October 09, 2017 10:00 AM

Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge make yet another attempt to repair their fractured relationship on Monday’s Real Housewives of Orange County — and PEOPLE’s got the exclusive first look at their heated sit-down.

Coming together for the first time since their face-off at Kelly Dodd’s house a few weeks prior, the two Orange County Housewives walk into the meeting with the best intentions.

“I’m starting to think Vicki has seen what she’s done and she wants to apologize and she wants to make things better,” Tamra, 50, tells viewers. “I’m starting to think about all these feelings and thoughts and our friendship.”

Says Gunvalson, 55: “I’m expecting for Tamra to give me a hug and say, ‘I’m done fighting with you. Put the hatchet down, let’s be kind to each other.’ ”

Each have a some major gripes to get through first, though.

On one side is Tamra, frustrated that Gunvalson had invited her former friend Ricky Santana to her birthday party where he — alongside ex-Housewives Gretchen Rossi and Lizzie Rovsek — continued to insinuate that Tamra’s husband Eddie Judge is gay.

“I saw him making out with a guy. Making out with tongue,” Santana claimed to a table of eager listeners including Gunvalson, perpetuating rumors that Tamra and Eddie have long denied.

On the other side is Gunvalson, who had previously vowed to “punish” Tamra (and Housewife Shannon Beador) for “not being my friend” and was ready to stand up to Tamra’s “mean girl” behavior.

That “mean girl” behavior appears to have included Tamra reminding Gunvalson about her involvement in ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers’ cancer scam, something Ayers previously told PEOPLE that Gunvalson had no part in — but something Gunvalson herself admitted at the RHOC reunion that she had “fabricated” in an effort to get her castmates to feel “compassion” for Ayers.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like talking about either of their problems will be easy.

Starting from the get-go at Monday’s meeting, tensions are high. “I just want to get to a place where we’re going to be kind and stop this madness,” Gunvalson says, moments after a montage of the two’s past plays out. “We’ve got way too much history…”

“But I am kind to you. I’m being very kind to you,” Judge responds.

“In your mind you are,” says Gunvalson, twisting her fingers around her head.

The move doesn’t sit well with Judge. “What does that mean?” she asks.

“I’m just saying in your mind, you’re kind to me,” Gunvalson says.

That’s just the beginning. To see the full battle, tune into The Real Housewives of Orange County, Monday (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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