Gina Kirschenheiter's morality was called into question on Monday's all-new Real Housewives of Orange County after she admitted to her castmates that she didn't believe in God

By Dave Quinn
September 24, 2018 10:13 PM
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Gina Kirschenheiter‘s morality was called into question on Monday’s all-new Real Housewives of Orange County after she admitted to her castmates that she didn’t believe in God.

The mother of three found herself in the center of a heated discussion at a group dinner with Orange County Housewives Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, and Kelly Dodd — all four women grilling Gina about her and husband Matt Kirschenheiter’s decision to divorce after eight years of marriage.

Of course, Gunvalson, Judge, Beador, and Dodd know the pains of divorce. Each have gone through (or in Beador’s case, are still in the process of going through) vicious battles with their exes. Most of those have played out in front of the RHOC cameras, the Housewives shedding tear after tear as they try to navigate through the emotional and financial strains their divorces brought.

That’s why all were hoping Gina might reconsider ending her marriage. But Gina remained steadfast in her opinion that she and Matt wouldn’t go there. “We truly are best friends, but we aren’t in love,” Gina said, insisting that their divorce would be amicable. “What’s wrong with just saying, ‘Our marriage didn’t fail, it’s just ending?’ ”

Gina Kirschenheiter
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As Gina has said before, she and Matt — who met before they graduated college and have been together for 11 years — still care about one another. The Long Island natives just realized, after moving to California, that they weren’t meant for forever. But they’ll still remain in one another’s lives, co-parenting sons Nicholas, 6, and Luca, 3, as well as daughter Sienna, 4.

“I’m not in pain,” Gina told to her reality TV costars. “I don’t think I’m going to experience the pain because even though Matt and I aren’t right for each other, I know who I married and I know who he is. … I will be fine. … [Matt] actually really is a good man.”

Money concerns brought up by Beador didn’t even sway Gina.

“We are not about money,” Gina said. “I would give up my alimony to save my family dynamic. Matt would pay me double to save my family dynamic. That’s who we are and who we will always be. This will never be an issue of money. I don’t have assets. I have one humble home. And I get that and I respect [what’s going on with you], but I’m not in that situation.”

No matter how loud her protests, though, Gunvalson wasn’t buying it.

“You’re so nonchalant about getting divorced. It bothers me. … You’re like flippant about it,” Gunvalson said. “You’re not experiencing the pain yet. It’s not pretty.”

The O.G. of the O.C. then started to harp on the religious vow associated with marriage. “You took up matrimony. You went in front of God and said, ‘I will marry you ’til death do us part,’ ” Gunvalson said.

That’s when Gina dropped the bomb: “I don’t believe in God.”

“I believe in a higher power,” she clarified. “I believe in a god, I don’t know who he is. I’ve never met him. I believe in a god, I don’t believe in anyone’s particular god.”

Vicki Gunvalson
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As one can imagine, Gunvalson didn’t take that lightly. “You don’t believe in God? Are you serious?” she asked.

“That might be missing,” the Coto Insurance maven continued, telling Gina that believing in yourself was not enough. “That’s why you’re in the place you’re in. … You don’t have a moral compass inside your soul.”

“I’ve never heard someone be so flippant about God,” Gunvalson confessed to audiences. “She better hope she’s right that there’s no God because if she’s wrong, she’s going to pay for it for eternity. That’s a long time.”

Though Judge and company tried to stand up for Gina, she still seemed upset by Gunvalson’s words.

“I’m not in a bad place, I’m in a good place,” she said. “That’s a ridiculous thing to say. You’re so stupid, you sound like an idiot right now. … My morals are in check and I don’t have morals because I believe in a certain god or I’m following a certain set of rules. I just have morals because I’m trying to be a good person.”

Gunvalson only doubled down. “Wait until you try to date someone and you have three kids and they don’t like your kids,” she said. “Then what? Then what are you going to do?”

That’s what pushed Gina over the edge. She stormed away from the table in tears, telling the ladies, “I will literally battle this for the day I die for my children. So back off.”

“Because of what they’ve gone through in their past, they think that they know more than me,” she told audiences. “Every married couple is different, every divorced couple is different, everybody going through a divorce is different. So shut up.”

Distraught, Gina called Matt, telling him, “I’m so upset. I need you to talk to me right now. This is too much and they’re so mean. I just can’t. I just get upset because we’re not right for each other and that’s just not good enough for anybody.”

Eventually, Emily Simpson came to her support, and reminded Gina that this wasn’t worth the battle. “Every single person at that table has been through what you’ve been through and it conjures up a lot of emotions,” said Simpson, a former divorce attorney. “You can listen to their story and their advice and you can say, ‘Thank you for sharing.’ ”

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Returning to the table, a calmed-down Gina said she was sorry for being so upset — an apology that was gladly accepted by Gunvalson. “It’s really none of our business but we kind of feel that we want to mother you a little bit because we care for you,” Gunvalson said.

While Gina was away, though, Gunvalson’s words were a little harsher.

“There’s no abuse? There’s no adultery? There’s no addiction?” she said, questioning Gina’s marriage. “Somebody’s having an affair.”

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