January 09, 2018 10:30 AM

Darren Criss, Penélope CruzÉdgar Ramirez and Ricky Martin were all smiles Monday at the Los Angeles premiere party for their FX show The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

The show — which focuses on the final days and murder of the Italian fashion designer — came under fire earlier in the day when the Versace family denounced it, calling it “a work of fiction.”

“The Versace family has neither authorized nor had any involvement whatsoever in the forthcoming TV series about the death of Mr. Gianni Versace,” the brand said in a statement to PEOPLE. “Since Versace did not authorize the book on which it is partly based nor has it taken part in the writing of the screenplay, this TV series should only be considered as a work of fiction.”

FX supported the series, though, telling The Hollywood Reporter that the network stands by the “meticulous reporting” of author Maureen Orth, whose “heavily researched and authenticated nonfiction best-seller Vulgar Favors” was used as the basis of the series.

Darren Criss, Penelope Cruz, Édgar Ramirez, and Ricky Martin
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

The drama’s stars put on a united front Monday — posing on the red carpet of at ArcLight Hollywood.

Criss, of Glee fame, wore a black turtleneck, black pants and a silver and black blazer. He plays serial killer Cunanan, who also murdered Chicago tycoon Lee Miglin and at least three others before committing suicide.

By Criss’ side was Cruz, in a fitted halter-top black velvet dress with sweetheart neckline collar; Ramirez, in a cranberry red fitted suit, white shirt and brown tie; and Martin, in a navy blazer, dark pants, and navy scarf. (They play Versace’s sister Donatella, Versace, and Versace’s lover Antonio D’Amico, respectively.)

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D’Amico, who said he was not consulted for the series, previously spoke out against the award-winning series’ take on the murder. He slammed images from production, saying the shot did not resemble the real scene when he discovered Versace’s body.

“The picture of Ricky Martin holding the body in his arms is ridiculous,” D’Amico told The Observer on Sunday. “Maybe it’s the director’s poetic license, but that is not how I reacted.”

Although D’Amico has no plans to watch American Crime Story, he would happily speak with Martin about his late boyfriend.

“It’s getting to know the small things about a relationship,” he explained. “For example, Gianni was so ordered and focused at work but in his private life everything was disorganized. He’d leave the bathroom in a mess. At a certain point I said ‘enough’! And when it came to cooking, he didn’t even know how to [boil] an egg.”

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story premieres Jan. 17 on FX.

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