"I couldn't make a decision about what to eat," she says of ordering what turned out to be the most food at the table

By Andrea Billups
Updated June 18, 2013 03:45 PM
Lou Rocco/Disney-ABC

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, star of HBO’s political comedy Veep, says having lunch with the real Vice President Joe Biden and meeting his staffers – who showed some resemblance to the characters in her show – was nothing short of “mind-blowing.”

“One woman said ‘Hi, I’m Allison. I’m the Dan Egan of the office,’ ” the Emmy winning-actress tells Katie Couric in an interview airing on Wednesday’s Katie. “There was a Gary, this guy who carried the vice president’s bags all the time. It really was bizarre.”

What happened at lunch in Biden’s private office also could have been a scene from Veep, in which Louis-Dreyfus plays the self-interested and gaffe-prone Vice President Selina Meyer.

As a waiter came to take their order, Louis-Dreyfus says her anxiety took over as she struggled to review the menu and make a choice.

“I was so unbelievably, profoundly nervous that I had no appetite whatsoever. I couldn’t make a decision about what to eat,” she says, adding that the vice president “could not have been more charming.”

Then Biden ordered an item that wasn’t on the menu – “some sort of chopped salad,” Louis-Dreyfus says. Flustered, she tried to follow suit.

Says Louis-Dreyfus: “I said, ‘I’ll have whatever he’s having,’ but he said, ‘You may not like it so why don’t you have a half order or a side order.’ ”

She agreed to the smaller portion of the salad and crab cakes.

“Food comes. I have the most food at the table!” Louis-Dreyfus says in a preview of Wednesday’s Katie. “It is so embarrassing. Like I hadn’t eaten in days. All these crab cakes … And I wasn’t hungry.”