Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Veep Cast to Reunite for Virtual Table Read to Get Out the Vote in Georgia

The Veep cast is getting together to do a table read of the episode "Mother," which follows a recount during a presidential election

The Veep cast is getting back together — and revisiting an eerily prescient episode — to help get out the vote for the Georgia runoff elections in January.

The cast will include Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who stars as President Selina Meyer, Anna Chlumsky, Reid Scott, Sam Richardson, Tony Hale, Timothy Simons, Clea DuVall, Matt Walsh, Gary Cole and Sarah Sutherland. Showrunner and executive producer David Mandel will also participate in the reunion.

“The cast of Veep had so much fun coming together during the election that we were looking for something else to do,” Louis-Dreyfus and Mandel joked in a joint statement, referencing their October reunion. “Luckily, there are two runoff elections in Georgia so we decided to get together again and bring some friends. And if this goes well, we are hoping for a second runoff, maybe in March.”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Veep. HBO/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock

Louis-Dreyfus, 59, and her fellow cast members will be doing a virtual table read of their Emmy-winning episode “Mother,” which bears some striking similarities to this year’s presidential election, despite having aired in 2016.

The episode is in part about President Meyer’s reelection being placed in peril as the votes start to tilt out of her favor, prompting her to request that Nevada simply stop counting the votes.

A video promo for the Dec. 6 reunion (above) shows footage from the original episode that could have easily been pulled from 2020 — one group of protestors chants “this endless recount has to go” while another yells back, “count every vote.”

Louis-Dreyfus also appears in the promo doing an impersonation of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani — even donning makeup to imitate dye dripping down the sides of her face. (Giuliani was recently seen sweating profusely through much of a press conference, to the point that his hair dye, or some other coloring substance, appeared to begin dripping down the sides of his face.)

Veep. HBO

“Over the last few weeks, many brave and patriotic Americans have come forward having witnessed similarities between our ongoing election and the TV show Veep,” the Seinfeld actress says.

Louis-Dreyfus, still impersonating Giuliani, continues, “And not just a singular example, but a pattern that repeats itself over and over. Literally thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of cases to any experienced investigator, prosecutor — this would suggest there was a plan from a centralized place specifically focused on Veep. Have you watched Veep? Have you? It's one of my favorites — with the nice lady.”

She then shares the details of the table read, promising that “some very special guests” will also be attending.

To reserve their ticket and join Louis-Dreyfus and the rest of the Veep cast for the event, fans can donate any amount (with a minimum $1 donation) to benefit America Votes, an organization that is working to educate and turn out voters for the upcoming U.S. Senate races in Georgia.

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