"I feel like it gives them a little something back," Vanna White says

By Stephanie Petit
November 09, 2016 11:24 AM

At Wheel of Fortune, Veteran’s Day is celebrated all week long.

Many on the show, including host Pat Sajak and hostess Vanna White, know the importance of veterans firsthand.

The host of America’s Game served as a DJ on Armed Forces Radio during the Vietnam War and still feels a strong connection with the week’s contestants.

“I’m much older, obviously, than the young men and women who are serving now, but there’s still a kinship you feel and you kind of understand what they’re going through,” Sajak, 70, tells PEOPLE. “And you understand the sacrifices not only that they make, but their families make. A lot of these young men and women have young children at home, and they’ve decided to take a few years away from them and serve their country. That’s pretty cool stuff.”

Credit: M. Phillips/WireImage

White’s father, who turned 91 years old when she sat down with PEOPLE, served in the Korean War. The hostess looks at Veteran’s Week as a small way to show support.

“I feel like it gives them a little something back,” she says. “Obviously what they do is tremendous and nothing can repay for what they do for our country. It’s just fun for them. It’s a day of escape, and hopefully winning lots of money, but more importantly just having a good time.”

Contestant Brenda Gallagher appreciates the game show’s recognition.

“It means that they care about the veterans, the people who defended our country, and treat us like, ‘Wow you’re important to the United States.’ ”

Wheel of Fortune airs weekdays (check local listings).