'Vanderpump Rules' Women Slam Raquel as a 'Liability' Who's 'Only Interested in Men Her Friends Are Married to'

Before Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval's affair was exposed, she had a panic attack when her costars called out her untrustworthy drunken "sloppiness," with Katie Maloney warning, "Hide your boyfriend"

Before Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval's affair was exposed, the Vanderpump Rules ladies called her out on her lack of boundaries with their men.

On Wednesday's episode, Lala Kent shared how she was "appalled" by Raquel's drunken behavior after arriving back at their hotel room from the club where Raquel made out with Oliver Saunders, the eldest son of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Garcelle Beauvais.

"The sloppiness of Raquel tonight made me go, 'I don't know if I would trust you after one too many drinks,'" Lala, 32, admitted in a confessional. "I feel nervous at this point in my life with anyone who's gonna be a liability and is gonna be unpredictable."

Katie Maloney even called Raquel "Mrs. 'I'm Gonna Make Out with Your Man,'" claiming that she was "drawing a lot of comparisons" to the recent incident where Raquel asked Katie's ex-husband Tom Schwartz to make out.

"I'm starting to see a pattern in Raquel," Katie, 36, said in an interview. "It seems that she's only interested in men that her friends are either married to or interested in, and that is a big red flag for me."

When Raquel, 28, joined the girls in their room, Lala told her, "You drinking, I would never trust you around my man."

An intoxicated Raquel then fired back, "Thank God you don't have a man to f---ing have around."

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The women were shocked at Raquel's response, with Katie jokingly warning to "hide your boyfriend" after the SURver left the room. But the morning after, Lala shared with Raquel how insulting her comment was.

"I think anybody who is a woman would take offense to what you said," Lala told Raquel, who admitted that she didn't even remember what she said.

"Do you feel that way?" Lala asked her. "Like if someone said, 'I don't know if I would feel comfortable if you had one too many drinks around my dude,' do you really feel like, 'If you can't keep him, here I am.'"

Katie Maloney, Lala Kent, Raquel Leviss
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Even though Raquel denied that accusation, Lala pushed the matter further. "If you do feel that way, I'm not your audience," she told Raquel. "I don't want anything to do with it. I respect people's relationships, and quite honestly, I think you do too."

"Because even six years ago when I drunkenly hooked up with your ex-fiancé [James Kennedy], like, that's still something that I feel does not feel great, right? I don't think any of this would have happened had you not had one too many," Lala continued.

However, Raquel raised her eyebrow at this remark. "It's a little weird that Lala, of all people, is schooling me about respecting relationships when she was the one that slept with my boyfriend. This is textbook definition of a hypocrite," she said in a confessional.

Despite this, all was seemingly well as the girls packed up their bags and left Las Vegas for Lake Havasu in Arizona. However, on the car ride there, Raquel starting having a panic attack at the thought of not knowing what to do with her life.

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When they finally made it Lake Havasu, the women went out to dinner, where they met up with SURver Charli Burnett and rehashed what Raquel said the night before.

"A comment like that takes me back to a time when I'm in high school and the cheerleader from the opposing team is trying to snatch my man," Lala said.

Raquel fired back: "Honestly, if anybody should be on edge about you being with their man — Lala, you slept with James."

"You gotta get over it. That was six years ago," Lala said of her tryst with Raquel's then-boyfriend and now ex-fiancé.

The two continued to argue over who was in the wrong — but agreed that "drinking" was the reason for both of their behaviors. Lala then reminded Raquel, "So you're taking six years ago to present day? Let's not forget, you tried to make out with Schwartzie."

In an attempt to turn the conversation back around, Raquel said, "I don't respect that you slept with James while we were together. I know you keep saying the comment [last night] was so offensive to every single woman in the world."

Lala stood by her remarks, emphasizing how Raquel's comments were "shocking" and she "personally felt offended for anyone in a relationship." And though Raquel attempted to reason by saying she felt the "need to stand up for myself a little bit," Lala insisted, "That ain't the way to do it."

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Though they clearly were not seeing eye-to-eye, Raquel doubled-down on her stance and told her friends, "I just feel like Lala is being a hypocrite," to which Katie asked how she is acting as such.

Raquel then claimed Lala is a "mistress" because she "slept with a married man," referring to Lala's ex Randall Emmett. That didn't sit well with Katie, who chimed in: "And you tried to make out with a still-married man."

This ignited another argument, in which Raquel attempted to defend her actions of initiating a hook up with Schwartz. "You guys are separated," she argued.

But Katie wasn't having any of it. "I'm trying to move past what you did, Raquel. I've been very, very, very gracious to you but I don't have to be. I could literally light your ass on fire for what you've done. I'm not divorced from this man," she said.

Raquel continued to assert that she "didn't make out with Schwartz" – which then prompted Lala to interject and slam her costar for her defensive remarks. "Stop taking credit for not making out with Schwartz," she said. "Schwartz didn't make out with you. It didn't happen — not because you were a stand-up chick, it [didn't] happen because Schwartz denied you."

Distraught over the events of dinner, Raquel told the women that she was going home to L.A. that morning. "I just wanted to let you guys know, I don't feel comfortable here. I feel like it was a mistake for me to come on this trip, so I've packed up all of my bags and I'm leaving," she said.

After some back and forth between the women — including Charli and former SURver Kristina Kelly — Lala told Raquel, "I think it's good that you leave."

But Raquel wasn't happy with her response and pressed the previous matter regarding Oliver further. "Lala, you gave me the green light, go ahead with Oliver," she argued.

"This ain't about Oliver! It's about you calling me 'a mistress' again. We're good. We're done here. Safe travels," Lala fired back.

Before walking away, Raquel told Lala: "I think you're just a little bit angry because Oliver did choose me over you. Like, at the end of the day, if he wanted to take you out on the dance floor, he would've done that. I know that's all I needed to say."

"She's truly insane," Lala said of Raquel afterwards, calling her a "low-vibration human being."

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The events of Wednesday's episode happened months before the news broke recently that Ariana Madix and Sandoval had split after nine years because the TomTom co-owner cheated on her with Raquel.

After the discovery, a source told PEOPLE that Ariana was "completely blindsided." The source added: "This is someone she thought she knew; someone she planned to spend the rest of her life with. You can't even put into words that betrayal."

Since then, both Sandoval and Leviss have released statements taking accountability for their actions and apologizing to Madix. Filming has also resumed on season 10, which is currently airing on Bravo. The reunion taping is set to take place within the next week, host Andy Cohen announced last Monday.

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Vanderpump Rules airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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