Vanderpump Rules' Tom Sandoval and Matthew McConaughey's wife, Camila Alves, once starred in Bon Jovi's music video for their 2002 hit, "Misunderstood."

Although most fans know him as a bartender and a reality star on Vanderpump Rules, it appears Tom Sandoval‘s first claim to fame was actually a music video.

In 2002, the Bravo star made an appearance in a Bon Jovi video for their hit “Misunderstood.”

The video, shared on the legendary rock band’s YouTube channel, starts off with the camera facing a closed door, which is filled with photos of a happy couple and a heart-shaped “Jack hearts Jill 2002” sign.

Once the door opens, Sandoval, 34, is seen lying in bed with none other than Camila Alves (Matthew McConaughey‘s wife) straddling him — and both Sandoval and Alves, 36, are naked.

Tom Sandoval

“Jack, What the hell is going on?” a blonde woman, presumably Jill, asks Jack, played by Sandoval.

“Baby! Baby! Baby! It’s not what it looks like,” replies a frantic Sandoval. “There’s a naked chick in your bed,” Jill points out, as the camera shows Alves putting her hand over face.

“Just let me explain. Just let me explain,” Sandoval says before the video does a flashback of him shopping for flowers at the market, and Bon Jovi starts singing.

Camila Alves

As the nearly four-minute music video plays, Sandoval is seen explaining the backstory to how he ended up in his current situation.

According to the hilarious explanation in the video, Jack was trying to buy Jill flowers when he slipped on petals and hit his head, ending up unconscious. When Jack wakes up, his wallet has been stolen and he has amnesia, so he walks around town where he just so happens to run into the man who took his wallet.

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Jack chases him right into a room filled with not-so-nice men, who stuff Jack into a box and subsequently throw the box — with him in it — into the ocean. After finally landing on the beach, Jack ends up in the middle of a bank robbery and gets arrested by mistake.

Upon his release, he gets an invite to a secret club and finds himself front row at, of course, a Bon Jovi concert, which thankfully helps him regain his memory.

Tom Sandoval in 2016
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However, as he was walking to Jill’s house, Jack’s clothes were ripped off by dogs, cue a completely nude Sandoval making his way home. Suddenly, an earthquake hits and Alves, who was wrapped in a towel standing in the upstairs unit, falls through the ceiling straight into Jack’s lap.

“And that’s exactly how it happened,” concluded Sandoval, who also made an appearance in Bon Jovi’s 2002 video for their song, “All About Lovin’ You.”

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Fast forward 11 years later, Sandoval made his Vanderpump Rules debut in 2013, and is now currently dating fellow cast member Ariana Madix.

Although, as fans have seen, the couple hasn’t been without their ups and downs. This season Madix, 32, revealed that due to a previous emotionally abusive relationship, she was having to work through self-esteem and body image issues, ultimately causing a sexual “dry spell” with Sandoval.

However, the pair is now in a better place. “There’s still things that I definitely struggle with,” Madix previously told PEOPLE. “But I definitely think it’s better. I think it’s better, but it’s not perfect.”

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Meanwhile, Alves, has gone on to marry McConaughey, have three children – daughter, Vida, 8, and two sons, Levi 9, and Livingston, 5 – with the Oscar winner, continue her modeling career and found an organic baby food line, Yummy Spoonfuls.

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As to how Alves and McConaughey keep their marriage fresh?

“Sometimes it’s just a staycation, taking one night at a hotel that’s 15 minutes away from your house. But you pack a backpack,” the Brazilian-born model previously said in an interview with Ocean Drive.

“You go to dinner. You get to have talks and sleep in the next day. Walk around, have breakfast and lunch together,” she shared.