Robby Hayes was JoJo Fletcher's runner-up on season 12 of The Bachelorette and later appeared on Bachelor in Paradise

Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules was a bit of a Bachelor mash-up as waitress Scheana Marie went on a date with Robby Hayes.

Hayes, 30, was JoJo Fletcher’s runner-up on season 12 of The Bachelorette and later appeared on Bachelor in Paradise, dating Amanda Stanton until she accused him of infidelity. Marie, 33, got dumped by Rob “Hung a TV on a Wall in Under Seven Minutes” Valletta and is lusting after SUR barback Adam Spott, but despite her best efforts to writhe around in a sports bra and shower him with sexual innuendos in earlier episodes, he’s been keeping her in the friend zone.

So, the “Good as Gold” singer set her sights on Hayes, who happens to be Spott’s best friend and former roommate.

“He’s supportive, he’s reliable, he’s drop-dead gorgeous. I mean, those abs, like, yes please. He always makes me feel special. If things keep going well, I could definitely see myself falling for him,” she told the camera.

Credit: Bravo

The two spent the day at OUE Skyscape, LA, some kind of observation deck/slide.

Marie guessed it was their tenth date, but Hayes pointed out, “We are usually in a big group of friends.”

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“Always, but like, with Adam, we don’t want to hurt each other. I love him so much,” she replied, adding in a confessional: “Adam’s gorgeous, but a friendship is the only option. However, if he would, I would. I will give in at any moment.”

Things with Hayes were just as platonic, though.

“Why do you think I won’t sleep with you?” he asked playfully.

Robby Hayes
| Credit: Bravo

“Because you’re not attracted to me,” she said. “The thing is, you’re not my typical type. You are too perfect.”

And with that, he kissed her squarely on the lips, promising to drive her home after their makeout session.

But Marie’s friends (frenemies?) weren’t feeling the coupling.

“I met him and he was nice, but — ” Brittany Cartwright began.

“He’s a douche,” Stassi Schroeder interrupted. “He’s a cheesy douche.”

We’ll have to see what happens on the show: The two fueled relationship rumors in May 2018 when they were photographed vacationing in Hawaii, but Marie’s been looking especially cozy with Spott on Instagram, too.

Is it time for aVPR two-on-one? Somebody page Chris Harrison.

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