'Vanderpump Rules' : Lala Kent Revives Rumor That James Kennedy Hooked Up with Another Man

"I know that it's not made up," Lala Kent insists to James Kennedy's girlfriend, Raquel Leviss

Lala Kent, James Kennedy, Logan Noh
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Vanderpump Rules dredged up a salacious plot line from season 6 on Tuesday night’s episode. And two years later, it’s still not about the pasta.

We start off with Lala Kent extending an olive branch to Raquel Leviss after essentially calling her stupid for a year straight. Upon hearing that her old buddy James Kennedy was giving up alcohol, Lala — herself sober — wants to help, asking Raquel to meet her for coffee.

“Last summer you like, really put down my intelligence, and it’s one thing to question my character, but it’s a completely different story when you diminish my intelligence and say that I’m stupid,” Raquel begins. “If you really do feel that way, then I have no problem taking my chai to go, and like, we don’t have to have a conversation.”

“My time is very precious, and I wouldn’t waste it on someone who I felt was a true idiot,” Lala replies.

It’s not quite an apology, but Raquel gratefully accepts it. “That means so much to me, Lala,” she says, relieved. “Thank you. I really needed that.”

James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss
James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss in 2019. Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Meanwhile, Lisa Vanderpump takes James to task for his demeaning drunk texts to Raquel. He reveals that he just went to his first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, breaking down as he shows off his sobriety chip. Back at the café, Lala also tears up, recalling her own AA experience. She vows to support James and Raquel.

But later, at Tom’s “extra” birthday bash, things fall apart after Lala tells Raquel that her pal Logan saw James get “f—ed up” at a party six nights earlier. VPR scholars will remember Logan as the DJ’s former BFF; the two fell out in 2017 after rumors that they’d had sexual relations (meaning James had cheated on Raquel) spread through SUR. At the time, Logan confessed to lying because he was in love with James. But in the present, Lala casts doubt on that narrative.

“Alright,” Raquel says, not buying the story. “I just don’t understand your friendship with Logan.”

“That’s a good friend right there. He lied for James a couple years ago about the hooking up stuff,” Lala replies.

“No, he did. He did make that up,” Raquel insists.

“You still believe that?” Lala asks.

“You don’t believe that?” Raquel shoots back.

“I mean, I know that it’s not made up,” Lala says. “I’ve been there when deals have been, like, ‘I get a blow job if I win, and you have to do this if I win.'”

“Shut the f— up,” Raquel interjects. “That is not true.”

Lala warns Raquel against causing her “pop off.” To the camera, Raquel again dismisses the allegation about her boyfriend.

“If Lala was genuinely concerned, she wouldn’t be trying to stir s— up by bringing up this rumor,” she says.

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Lala accuses her of keeping her head “in the clouds,” blissfully ignoring signs her boyfriend was with another man during their relationship.

“I want to live in your headspace,” Lala says with a smile.

“Well, you should try it some time,” Raquel retorts, walking away.

Time will tell how James deals with people questioning his sexuality again. But on an episode of Watch What Happens Live in 2018, he firmly denied hooking up with Logan — or any other man, for the matter.

“I have never dipped in the pond,” he told host Andy Cohen.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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