Kristen Doute confirmed in September that she and her Vanderpump Rules ex Brian Carter were just "friends"

By Claudia Harmata
January 15, 2020 10:14 AM

Kristen Doute is ready to find a new man!

During an appearance on PEOPLE TV’s Reality Check on Tuesday, the Vanderpump Rules star revealed that she’s single and ready to jump back into the dating world after a split from on-again, off-again boyfriend Brian Carter.

“I’m back,”  Doute boasted, adding, “I’m really single.”

Later on Tuesday, while visiting Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Doute stressed that she and Carter were officially over.

“We are definitely not together now,” Doute said. “[I’m] single. Ready to mingle.”

Doute, 36, and Carter had a tumultuous relationship since they first met through the dating app Bumble in 2015, shortly after she had parted ways with James Kennedy.

The couple announced their latest split in May 2019 on the season 7 reunion of Vanderpump Rules. But in the season 8 premiere, Doute admitted to being in limbo with Carter, the two even debating whether he might move into her new house.

That caused many of her friends on the show to claim that Doute was Carter’s “sugar mama.” She addressed their concerns on WWHL, admitting to Cohen that she had helped “[Carter] out a lot when we were together.”

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Brian Carter and Kristen Doute
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Back in September, Doute shared a lengthy Instagram post to reiterate that she and Carter were just “friends.

“Relationships are messy, and it’s not fair to anyone to hide from the truth for the sake of criticism,” Doute had captioned an Instagram photo of herself lying outside beside her dog.

“I haven’t come to terms with everyone wanting a black and white answer of where Carter and I stand,” she added. “I want to scream, what about the gray parts of this, the undefinable aspects of loving and caring for someone, while knowing that they aren’t your person anymore? After the therapy, the meditation, all the steps you take to pursue actual self love, how do you define the realization that you have to move on in order to truly grow?”

“But we both deserve this weight to be lifted, so this is our version of a conscious uncoupling,” Doute wrote. “Carter and I both know and have come to terms that our new label is friends — full of the utmost love and respect. He’s one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever known. As we unravel what has been for so long such an intertwined life, it hasn’t been easy.”

Concluding her post, Doute added, “But it’s a step in the right direction. It may not be the black and white answer everyone is looking for, but it’s our answer and that will just have to do.”

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In October, Doute revealed to PEOPLE that she has teamed up with How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days author Michele Alexander to write a book about owning your “crazy” and never giving up on love.

“Women get used to being called crazy whenever we’re emotional,” Doute said in a statement about the inspiration for their project. “People might call this a self-help book, but I see it as a self-empowerment book. My goal is to create an army of boss bitches who own being ‘crazy’ and fight for the respect we deserve.”

“I want to give every reader the tools to avoid or get out of unhealthy situations and find real love,” she added. “Sometimes that requires deep self-reflection, but sometimes you just need to put on your detective’s hat and hack a man’s email account.”

In the book, Doute plans to unpack the ups and downs of her dating history with anecdotes about trapping boyfriends in lies, tongue-in-cheek tips to gather all your crush’s security question answers on the first date, and how to delicately navigate the pros and cons of being solicited for a threesome.

“I’ve noticed, especially now that I have so much more self-love and I’m really single and I’m really doing everything on my own, I’m like, ‘I don’t need a man to make these things happen,’ ” Doute said on Reality Check. “For so many years I was really co-dependent and didn’t realize all the things I’ve gone through were really making me crazier and crazier. We’re younger women, we have confidence. We’re assertive. We don’t think anything ill of ourselves. And these guys, they chip away at your self-esteem over time. And you kind of lose yourself in the process. So now that I’m back, I’m here to own my crazy. I’m just saying, it’s all their fault.”

He’s Making You Crazy, acquired by Chicago Review Press, a division of Independent Publishers Group, is expected to be published in hardcover and eBook in summer 2020.

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