On Monday night's episode, Jax Taylor broke up with his loyal girlfriend

Brittany Cartwright stood by her man all season long on Vanderpump Rules. But in a truly shocking turn of events, he’s the one who ended their relationship.

On Monday night’s episode, Jax Taylor broke up with his loyal girlfriend, seemingly out of the blue, weeks after she’d forgiven him for cheating on her with a former co-worker, Faith.

“It has nothing to do with you, and I need to make some changes. You deserve to be happy, you deserve to get married, you deserve to have kids, you deserve to have someone treat you like the princess that you are, and I just am not that person,” Taylor, 38, told her in their bedroom, tearing up.

“I am not good in relationships. You deserve a lot better than me. I just don’t think we can be together anymore,” he continued. “I’m not happy with myself. I don’t like who I am, and it’s not because of you. Look at all the s— I’ve caused this summer. Look at everything.”

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It’s true: Taylor put her through hell, but she thought they’d come back stronger.

“How can you do this to me whenever I’ve been through so much and I’m trying to help you and trying to work on things with you?” she demanded.

“Because I wanted it so bad. I wanted to make this work,” he replied. “I need to be alone. I need to be by myself.”

Cartwright, 28, unleashed an avalanche of curses at Taylor, crying as she first ordered him to leave their apartment before storming out and fleeing in an Uber instead.

“He has betrayed me in so many ways,” she told the camera. “He’s cheated on me, he’s begged for me back, he’s played mind games with me. And I know that he’s not changing and he’s always going to be the same Jax Taylor he always has been.”

In the sneak peek for next week’s episode, Taylor seems to regret his decision, while Cartwright flirts with cute barback Adam. But, spoiler alert, it seems that the couple did manage to patch things up: They’ve been posting adoring Instagrams about each other for months.

“We’ve kind of weathered the storm,” Taylor told PEOPLE Now in December. “We’re still going through it … but] we’re in a great place now — probably better than we’ve ever been.”

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