'Vanderpump Rules' : James Kennedy Returns to DJ at Tom Tom — and Curse Out Girlfriend Raquel

James Kennedy starts to spiral when girlfriend Raquel Leviss misses his DJ set because she's walking in the Pride Parade

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James Kennedy just made his triumphant return as a DJ for Tom Tom’s Gay Pride celebration without (much) incident on Vanderpump Rules. Sadly, the same can’t be said for his girlfriend.

The loud-mouthed “White Kanye” has lacked significant screen time since Lisa Vanderpump gave him the boot for body-shaming Katie Maloney-Schwartz last season. But on Tuesday’s episode, he’s back, hired by Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval to spin tunes exactly a year after the Katie incident. As she puts it, “James is lucky that my husband is, like, a really nice guy.”

While primping for the party with girlfriend Raquel Leviss, now a waitress at SUR, he reflects on the events of last Pride.

“Katie got me fired, and then Katie quit, you know? What is she doing all day, sitting on her ass in Valley Village with her feet up on the couch, doing absolutely nothing?” he says.

He also asks if Raquel is going to watch his set; she offers a tentative yes, depending on her work schedule. (Make a note of this conversation, because it comes back with a vengeance.) We also learn that shortly after they agreed to be friends again, Lala Kent cut off James again for posting jokes online about her fiancé Randall Emmett allegedly owing producing partner 50 Cent a cool $1 million.

Once at Tom Tom, James, who had said he’d stay sober, asks manager Max Boyens for something to drink: “a soda water, with lime and a little bit of … you know.” Real cryptic.

He grabs Lala for a chat and apologizes. She takes note of the clear drink in his hand, convinced it’s not water when he won’t let her take a sip.

“I think that James has a lot of issues,” she says in a confessional. “I think that he has an addiction problem. He has a lot of bobble heads around him, including his girlfriend, that don’t give a s— about what his future may hold, which could get very ugly and sad.”

As Pride takes over West Hollywood, we see the cast decked out in their skimpiest rainbow-colored garb, having a blast. Except for James, who we find yelling into his cellphone at Raquel.

“Hey, go f— yourself. How dare you miss my whole set! What the f— is wrong with you?” he cries.

“I didn’t have any service,” she replies. “I’ve been in the parade. … I didn’t know when your set was. You didn’t tell me. I asked you so many times. I’ve been on the parade.”

“This is bulls—,” he yells.

Later, the camera cuts to the couple happily bopping along to the music; Raquel has made it to Tom Tom, and James is pacified.

“I love you,” he coos. “I was just upset because you missed my set and you’re the one person I want to impress.”

“Aww! You do impress me, every day you impress me,” she replies.

To the camera, she admits to feeling hurt: “When James called me, I was obviously really upset because he wasn’t even hearing me out. But I don’t want to upset him because he does explode at times.”

What she doesn’t say is that she missed her shift at SUR to placate James at Tom Tom. For a newbie SUR-ver, it’s a bad look. Lisa takes note of Raquel’s choice, and James’ apparent drinking (which he denies).

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Raquel scurries over to SUR, but it’s too late.

“I just lost track of time. Honestly, have I ever been late or missed a shift before,” she tells manager Peter Madrigal, tearing up. “I feel really, really bad about missing the shift. I really do. I ran over to Tom Tom to see James finish up his set. He called me, he was super upset that I missed his set.”

“You’re obligated to me while you’re here, not your boyfriend,” he replies. “You have to figure out where your priorities are, alright? In relation to your boyfriend or your job.”

We’ll have to wait until next week to see if Lisa’s sitdown with Raquel leaves her unemployed.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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