Vampire Diaries star Somerhalder took to Twitter to urge fans to vote in the presidential election
Credit: Ian Somerhalder/Twitter

Vampires can get political, too!

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed took to Twitter Tuesday to urge their followers to vote in the November presidential election – all while having a little fun with Somerhalder’s Vampire Diaries family.

“Hey Nikki, as a woman and a business owner who manufactures in the United States, wants to keep jobs in the United States, you should probably vote,” Somerhalder, 37, told his wife in the clip of them wearing adorably matching white robes.

“Hey Ian, as someone who cares about protecting the environment and wants clean air and clean water for his family, you should probably vote,” responded Reed, 28, as the two clink teacups.

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The two then addressed TVD‘s Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin, who are dating in real life.

“What do you think, Paul?” said Somerhalder, turning to face the camera.

“What do you think, Phebes?” added Reed, 28.

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Wesley and Tonkin each took to Twitter to share their own delightful video response to the election challenge.

“Hello, Ian and Nikki. Those are some glorious robes, you guys look really special. Very cozy. I wish I had one,” said Wesley, 34. “So … why am I voting this election? There are 8,000 reasons and I don’t want to bore you or make this video too long, but as the son of two immigrants and a first-generation American I firmly believe that this country, what makes it so special and what makes it so great is that we are accepting of everyone and of every culture.”

“This country was built on that foundation, and I want to elect a president that believes in that,” he added. “I want that to set an example for the rest of the world, and I want to be proud to live here. So I believe that this election is probably one of the most important ones we’ve had in recent memory. I will be going to my voting station in Georgia, where I live, and I will be proudly casting a vote and I hope everyone does the same.”

The Originals star Tonkin, 27, opened her video with a series of questions to fans.

“Do you believe in gender equality? Do you believe in global warming? Do you believe in common sense gun laws, especially limiting the access to guns to people who are on the terror watch list?” she said. “If you agree with any of the above, then you should vote.”

And while Tonkin, who is Australian, can’t vote, that doesn’t mean she’s not invested in the election.

“I can’t – but you can!” she urged. “So you probably should.”

The Vampire Diaries season 8 premieres Oct. 21 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.