Who will tie the knot on the new season of the Courteney Cox comedy?

By Patrick Gomez
Updated February 14, 2012 05:15 PM
Credit: Getty

Love is in the air on Cougar Town.

The show’s long-postponed third season premiere, which airs on Valentine’s Day, has an appropriately romantic theme: an engagement!

“It’s such a sweet, romantic episode to start this season off,” Busy Philipps told reporters on set in late January.

Spoiler Alert!

Philipps’s character Laurie will end the Feb. 14 episode watching her best friend Jules (Courteney Cox) say “yes” to her long-time boyfriend Grayson’s (Josh Hopkins) proposal.

“Obviously when they wrote it and we shot it, the plan wasn’t for [it to air] on Valentine’s Day,” Hopkins said of the show becoming a last-minute mid-season replacement after being pushed from the fall schedule in August. “But it’s really worked out. It’s really apropos.”

Fans can be assured that Jules and Grayson will be walking down the aisle in the future, a fact Hopkins believes fans will appreciate.

“So many shows are [about teenagers] with these big ‘will they or won’t they?’ montages,” he said. “This is an absurd comedy but it is a show about adults in real adult relationships.”

And they won’t be the only relationship in Cougar Town this season. Jules’s ex-husband Bobby (Brian Van Holt) will spark up a romance with his son Travis’s (Dan Byrd) teacher, played by Scrubs alum Sarah Chalke.

“She is super funny,” Van Holt said. “And coming from Scrubs she already knew everybody because the whole crew came from Scrubs.”

And although Cox’s ex-husband David Arquette has already filmed his cameo in the season wedding finale, Jules and Grayson will still face some bumps along the road before their big day – including the discovery of Grayson’s “baby mamma played by Briga Heelan.

“She’s fantastic,” co-star Christa Miller says of the newcomer whose character will come as a surprise to the engaged couple. “She’s a little sexpot. Her butt is better than Kim Kardashian‘s.”

As for Jules and Grayson having children of their own?

“Oh my gosh,” Cox said to the notion that her wine-loving character could get pregnant. “Forget the wine! What would it do to her aging body?!”