Courtesy of Usher Raymond
May 24, 2014 03:30 PM

Usher is a very hot man of his word.

After promising to hit the kitchen in his underwear while campaigning for his Voice protégé, the smooth crooner posted an Instagram video and photo of himself frying eggs while shirtless.

“You guys kept up your end of the bargain, and now I guess I have to do my part,” Usher, 35, says in the clip, stepping toward the stove to reveal his rocking body. “So, what would you like for breakfast? I prefer Tuscan eggs.”

The sexy stunt began Monday, when Usher posted a Facebook status urging Voice viewers to vote for his team member.

“If Josh Kaufman WINS The Voice I will prove I cook in my underwear!” he wrote.

On Tuesday night, Kaufman proved victorious. By Friday, Usher was cooking in nothing but briefs. The only thing that would make the bet even sweeter? If Usher sang while serving breakfast.

Watch the video below:

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