The R&B star shows off his boyish side, hitting the water with an inflatable shark


Buoyed by his big win on The Voice, Usher is fully enjoying his summer, showing off his boyish side at the pool.

“Some people just don’t know how to act #Friday #DontYouHate #iWonTheVoice,” the buff R&B star captioned his latest Instagram video shared on Friday.

It will no doubt please his fans as he goes shirtless just a few days after posting footage of himself cooking Tuscan eggs in his skivvies.

With an inflatable shark tucked under one of his muscular arms, the “Good Kisser” singer, 35, who led Indianapolis soul man Josh Kaufman to a season 6 win, announces his playtime with some attitude. “Don’t you hate how randomly people become kids as soon as they see a pool?” he asks.

The fun-loving father of two then takes off, running from inside his house to his pool where he makes a goofy dive into the water, yelling “Cannonball!” as he gleefully crashes and splashes while Michael Jackson’s “Will You Be There” plays.

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