'UnREAL' 's Johanna Braddy Will Be a 'Traditional' and 'Feminine' Bride

The Quantico and UnREAL actress talks bridal style and Freddie Stroma's Disney expectations

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We’ve already seen Johanna Braddy as a bride, but this time, it’s going to be for real.

For Braddy and her on-screen love, Freddie Stroma, the chemistry was real, but unlike her character in the Lifetime series, she is not going to leave him at the altar. The UnREAL costars got engaged in May and they’ve already got some of the details ironed out.

“We’re getting married around the holidays this year,” she told PEOPLE at Good Housekeeping‘s 2016 Awesome Women Awards celebration Thursday night.

“Freddie’s family is coming from Europe and Asia and we’re all gonna be together. So that’s gonna be different,” the Quantico star said. “Super southern family. Super European family.”

Braddy’s dress is already in the works, and could look a lot like her UnREAL character’s wedding dress: very bridal.

“I have a dress. Anne Barge is designing a dress for me. She reached out to me and is custom making it, it’s crazy,” Braddy said. “I can’t say too much because I don’t want him to find out but basically we had a conversation about it and I asked him, ‘what do you picture when you think of a wedding and a bride?’ And he was like, ‘Disney cartoons,'” 28-year-old Braddy said of Stroma’s wedding expectations.

“And I was like, ‘OK, all right. Super bridal.’ So, I’m just doing it up in every bridal way I can,” she explained. “Very feminine very classic. Nothing too trendy.” So, don’t be surprised if Braddy pulls of a Cinderella style.

Somehow, the two remained professional on set and didn’t get involved romantically until the season wrapped.

“Me, him and Josh Kelly, who plays Jeremy, we were like a trio, we were a little best friend group, we were always together,” she said of her time on set. “And I just didn’t think of it like that at the time. I was like, ‘Oh, I’m not dating, I’m not looking for that.’ ”

Little did she know, her on screen romance would bleed into real life.

“And then at the very end, [Freddie and I] realized we actually don’t want to say goodbye, so then we started hanging out in LA. It was right afterward.”

A lot like their characters on the show, Braddy and 29-year-old Stroma’s upbringings are very different, but she has no doubts that they will all hit if off at the wedding.

“He’s so sweet, and I’ve met most of his family and their precious, and my family’s southern and super welcoming,” she added, “so I think it will be great.”

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