"I didn't understand what this was, so I binged on an entire season so I could understand the world of it all," Zimmer tells PEOPLE in this week's issue

Sometimes art doesn’t imitate life — and truth be told, Constance Zimmer never considered herself a part of Bachelor Nation.

She may play a producer on UnREAL, a behind-the-scenes show about a fictional dating competition show, but before being casted as Quinn, Zimmer didn’t spend her Monday nights tuning in to The Bachelor.

“I never watched it,” the 47-year-old tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “It was never my thing. I watched it because when I got cast on the show, I read a script and I was so confused. I didn’t understand what this was, so I binged on an entire season so I could understand the world of it all.”

“My friends told me to watch the season with Juan Pablo [Galavis],” she added. “That was pretty much all I needed to see. I got it!”

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Constance Zimmer
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In the upcoming third season, Zimmer and costar Shiri Appleby orchestrate all the action behind the scenes of Everlasting, which serves as the backdrop for UnREAL‘s very real drama.

New to the action this year is the show’s first female suitor, Serena (Caitlin FitzGerald of Masters of Sex fame), a Silicon Valley mogul who doesn’t appear to play along with Rachel and Quinn’s games.

“From this moment forward, the only rules are the rules that I make,” Serena says at one point in the trailer, telling Rachel, “I don’t trust you as far as I can punt you.”

And with a new season comes new bachelors, including the sea of studs pining for Serena’s heart (Peep Show‘s Bart Edwards, Chicago Med‘s Alex Hernandez, Aboriginal Heart‘s Adam Demos and Russia’s former Bachelor Alex Sparrow).

“Let’s get this sausage party started,” Quinn declares before the men start punching one another, strutting around the Everlasting compound in teeny-tiny Speedos.

Aaand, panty drop!” she says, closing out the clip.

Season 3 of UnREAL premieres Monday at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.