Pregnant Teen McKayla Storms Out After Family Feud During 'Unexpected' 's Tell All Special

The drama isn't dying down between McKayla and Caelen's mothers

The drama isn’t dying down between McKayla and Caelen’s mothers.

During TLC’s two-hour “Tell All” special for Unexpected — a show documenting the lives of three pregnant teens who all happened to be born to teenage mothers themselves — hosted by journalist Jenna Wolfe, McKayla storms out after her and Caelan’s moms prove they’re not ready to put their family feud behind them.

Asked what it was like to hear hear her mother Shannon and Caelan’s mother Shelley argue, the 16-year-old replied, “It’s nothing new, it’s just annoying. Neither of them let each other talk, and it’s just stupid.”

“Well, you know I’ve made an attempt more than once to try and make things right with Shelley, and she refuses to,” Shannon responded.

But Shelley said she didn’t agree. “My main thing is, if you’ve been clean for eight years, why would you not get your children back?”

Shannon, who was largely absent from her daughter’s life while she was growing up, replied that she tried to get her children back: “It is none of your business whether or not they live with me. The only thing you should care about is whether or not I’m good to my children and I’m with my children, and I am.”

When the mothers were asked if they ever saw themselves getting past their differences to have a positive relationship with each other, Shannon said, “At this point, no. It’s not possible.”

And Shelley agreed. “Everybody keeps telling me how much of a b—- you are because all you do is attack me every chance you get. My family came to me and said, ‘Shelley is saying this or that, she doesn’t want you here or there, she doesn’t want you involved in things,'” she added.

“This is b——-. I’m done. I’m 100 percent done,” McKayla said as she excused herself from the escalating conflict.

Find out how the drama unfolds during the Unexpected: Tell All special, airing Jan. 1, 2018, at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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