Another waitress was fired for (among other reasons) choosing not to wear her bikini top uniform on TV

By Amanda Michelle Steiner
December 29, 2014 10:00 AM

On Sunday’s Undercover Boss, one woman, Grace, was rewarded by her boss with the boob job she’d always wanted.

Another, Jessica, was fired for (among other reasons) refusing to wear the bikini top required of all “Bikini Babes” – the restaurant’s title for its waitstaff – on TV.

CEO and founder of Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill, Doug Guller, went undercover as “Jake,” and in getting to know his Babes (along with kitchen supervisor Henry and manager Meagan), he learned that Grace wanted a pair of “full Cs.”

Guller – who cheerfully refers to his restaurants as “breastaurants” – also learned that Grace hated her bosses, had already been fired four to five times in her three-year tenure at Bikinis for showing up to work late and constantly being on her phone, and that she would even walk away from customers when she got a call.

Once Guller revealed his true identity, “Henry got an overdue raise, back pay tied to his long-ago promotion and a $10,000 trip for his family,” reports TVLine, “while Meagan received an 8 percent pay bump, better insurance, much-needed dental work for her daughter and $10,000 to go toward their move to a better home.”

Grace’s reward – which also involves a leadership role in the restaurant’s marketing team – comes with the proviso that she stay with Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill for at least six months of dedicated service before the company will pay up.

“If I had new boobs, this makes my job so much easier,” said Grace after the big reveal. “Like, I don t have to talk as much, because they do all the talking. This is Texas – the bigger the better!”

Now, just one question remains: