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Updated August 14, 2009 12:00 AM
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The most heavily hyped moment of the season – Sheree‘s yanking of Kim‘s golden hairpiece – was disappointingly anticlimactic. Luckily Thursday night’s episode was full of surprises, including Sheree’s priceless attempt to downplay wig-gate: “I did not try to pull it off, I did not want to pull it off. I just wanted to shift it a little bit.”

Here are the top moments:

1. Tania bares her fangs. Though we strongly suspect she was egged on by producers, Sheree’s willowy BFF dug into Nene and Lisa the moment they arrived at Sheree’s housewarming party – managing to be both conceited and cutting. “I’m very very tiny,” she told Nene. “I’ve got room to grow to be your size one day.” Of Lisa’s hair, she snarked, “You gotta do something with all this stuff.” Meanwhile, Sheree stood by scarfing down a cupcake.

2. Dwight‘s a boob man. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Somebody get this man his own show. The delightfully camp party planner who wanted “hot dramar sic all night long,” for his birthday bash instructed his hired circus performers: “I want to see breastesses, melons!” But was Kandi right to be offended when he grabbed hold of hers?

3. Sheree’s housewarming hair. Discuss!

4. T-Boz! Over a sushi lunch, “No Scrubs” writer Kandi served up this season’s first bona fide celebrity cameo. The T in TLC was so amusingly shocked at the number of AJ’s baby mamas (one is her max, after all, because “I can’t deal with too many heifers”), we couldn’t help but wonder why she wasn’t tapped as the fifth housewife.

5. Kim’s one-liners. The unemployed divorcee’s declarations that, “Instead of going to the gym, I just go to the surgeon,” before having her thighs blasted with hot lasers, and “I don’t know what I paid, I just give them my card,” were designed to appall. But they also felt formulaic and fake, like Kim was phoning her role as Atlanta’s resident hot mess just to get more screen time. Still, love her or loathe her, it’s working. — Suzanne Zuckerman

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Rick Diamond/Getty