How Tyra Banks Hid Weight Gain at Victoria's Secret Shoots

The famously curvy supermodel used subtle tricks to appear slimmer

Photo: Benanious Duclos/Gamma-Rapho/Getty

Now, this is some supermodel advice we can get behind.

In her modeling days, Tyra Banks had a trick for eating what she wanted – and still looking fierce.

“When I would gain weight and I had a big Victoria’s Secret shoot, say they wanted me to shoot the cover of the swimsuit issue, I would just make my hair bigger to make my booty look smaller!”

The media mogul – who has a new syndicated talk show, Tyra Presents FABLife and a new cosmetics line, Tyra Beauty – continues, “I would be like, ‘I ate burgers for two months, and my ass is 10 lbs. heavier,’ so I would tell my hairdresser to clip more tracks in and tease it up!”

And the 41-year-old entrepreneur, who once told body-shamers to “Kiss my fat ass,” is still unequivocally proud of her curves.

“I don’t know where I got the self-esteem with my body,” Banks says. “Sure I’ve had insecurities, but I didn’t do extreme things.”

As for those inevitable social media bullies? “I love to block the haters,” Banks says with a laugh. “It’s empowering!”

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