Credit: Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Tyra, is that you?

Supermodel/mogul Banks is bringing a little bit of glamour – and a whole lot of chaos! – when she guest stars on an upcoming episode of ABC’s hit show, black-ish. In “Plus Two Isn’t a Thing,” Banks will play Gigi, a childhood friend of Andre (Anthony Anderson), who grew up to be an international pop star, but still acts like the goofy kid that Dre grew up with. Her close relationship with Andre causes some tension between him and Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross), who finds herself feeling left out whenever Dre and Gigi get together.

Gigi has more in common with Banks than just their top model looks: The show’s creator, Kenya Barris, based her storyline on their own lifelong friendship.

“I’ve known Kenya Barris since I was 6,” Banks tells PEOPLE about her experience working on the show. “Kenya and I developed [America’s Next] Top Model, so it was only fitting that we got the dynamic duo back together!”

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In addition to getting to hang out with her old friend, Banks revealed that Barris wanted to showcase “a whole new comedic side of me that hasn’t been seen before.

“There was armpit sniffin’, eight outfit changes, multiple hair swaps and a bunch of crazy stuff,” Banks teases. “They kept me busy!”

Despite all of that outrageous behavior, the actors behind the Johnsons made Banks feel like part of the family off-screen as well: “Tracee Ellis Ross called me the weekend before we taped and offered to run my lines with me,” she reveals. “Once we were on set, Anthony and Tracee made it a breeze, they are hilarious and so much fun to adlib with! It didn’t even feel like work.”

The party kicks off when black-ish returns on Wednesday, Jan. 6 at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC.