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Get a first look at the special "Being Tyler Posey" and get to know the Teen Wolf star's secret obsessions

September 04, 2014 12:00 PM

Tyler Posey is a regular 22-year-old guy. A regular guy starring in a hit TV show on MTV, but still the Teen Wolf star swears his private life is surprisingly similar to those of the numerous fans he encounters every day.

Fans will soon be able to decide for themselves. On September 7, the night before the Sept 8 Teen Wolf season 4 finale, MTV will air Being Tyler Posey. From Posey’s wedding plans to his mother’s fight against cancer, the special offers an intimate look into the young celebrity’s life off the set.

Posey took a moment out of his Teen Wolf hiatus to share a sneak peek (see above) from his “regular guy” life with PEOPLE and talk to us about the joy of marrying your best friend, his growing tattoo obsession, and … wedding tacos.

Tyler Posey
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How do you most like to spend your time while you’re on hiatus from Teen Wolf?

I am making short films with one of my really good friends and we’re starting to write a film. I’m keeping busy. I am doing a film with Kevin Smith; Johnny Depp and his daughter Lily are in it. It’s called Yoga Hosers. Kevin has three movies coming up, like a trilogy, based in Canada and they are awesome, comic-book-esque films. I am a huge fan of Kevin ever since I was a kid, so it’s a huge coincidence that I am working with him.

I have a fiancée, who is basically my best friend, so we hang out a lot. We have dogs. I get tattooed a lot.

Have you gotten any new tattoos recently?

Yeah, I just went in the other day to get a couple of birds on either side of my knee. It was very painful. I haven’t really ventured into the knees yet, so this was my first taste of it. It was horrible, but it was awesome.

I am really into the world of tattooing, so I am thinking about buying a tattoo machine and starting to tattoo – not professionally or anything. I don’t want it just on my body; I want it in my life.

You helped host the Teen Choice Awards this year. How was that experience?

It was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done, because I have built my hosting career from the ground up. I realized I liked that kind of world a couple years ago. So I went to MTV and said, “Hey, you guys, is there anything for me to host? I can start at the bottom.” I started doing things for the Teen Wolf after show called Wolf Watch. I worked my way up and started interviewing bands, and then I cohosted the red carpet for the VMAs last year, and now I just did the Teen Choice awards. I am proud of myself.

Tyler Posey and Sarah Hyland at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards
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What about Being Tyler Posey do you think will surprise your fans the most?

I think the fans will see the dramatic shift between my character on Teen Wolf and the goofy me. Whenever I Instagram or Vine something of myself, I like to go extreme and be crazy and silly. This shows who I really am in between: grounded, physical, rational. It’s going to be nice to have fans see that side of me.

Being Tyler Posey shows many different parts of your personal life, including your upcoming wedding to Seana Gorlick. Congratulations! How is the planning going?

It’s going really well. I think we’ve kind of forgotten about it a little bit. It’s such a calm wedding. It’s pretty laid back and resembles us perfectly. We don’t want anything extravagant.

Seana Gorlick and Tyler Posey
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What part of the big day are you looking forward to the most?

Being married! I just want to be married to her. I think it’s awesome. It’s what I want most in my life. Also there’s going to be tacos, so I am really excited about tacos.

You also show a more serious side, sharing your mother’s experience with cancer. Why was it important for you to include that part of your life in Being Tyler Posey?

It’s a scary and hard thing to deal with. For me, I didn’t have many people to look to, and I just didn’t know where to look when it first started. I think kids who are in my position can look to this and be like, “Okay, I’m not the only one that’s scared.”

I hope kids look to it for motivation and inspiration. It’s like a big therapy session. I think it should be good for people to see me on their level, and know I’ve gone through that too. I want to relate to my fans as much as possible.

Speaking of fans, what is it like to be in the center of Teen Wolf mania?

It’s unlike anything I have ever seen. The fans are so loyal and they look into the show so much. They are a huge part of the show and my life. It’s really nice having that kind of support. Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming, and I’ll need to step away from Twitter, but that’s really my own fault for looking too much into things

Tyler Posey in Teen Wolf
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What do you hope fans take away from watching the special?

I want them to see how relatable I am. Even though I live this kind of crazy life, outside of that my life is very normal. I live a private life with my fiancée. Me and my friends hang out.

I also want fans to take away what they need from the struggles with my mom. I just want them to know other people are going through it too. I think it’ll be a great way to make my fans feel good. Life is weird and complex, but very simple at the same time. It’s all about perception. And I really want fans to know even though I am going through all this stuff – cancer, fame – I am still a regular kid, and always will be. The goals in my life are very simple. I just want to settle down with a family and live in the woods.

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Tyler Posey Talks Teen Wolf

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