Tyler Posey opens up about whether or not he would be up for a 'Teen Wolf' reunion or movie adaptation.

Teen Wolf may be joining the long list of reboots — if its main star has anything to say about it.

Tyler Posey, 26, who played Scott McCall on the series, opened up about whether or not he’d want the show to be turned into a movie on Tuesday’s episode of PeopleTV’s Chatter.

“For Teen Wolf, that’s what I’ve said since the beginning of that show. I’ve always wanted to do that. So, I’m all for it,” Posey said passionately.

When asked about his relationships with his former co-stars, Posey explained they are all on pretty good terms.

Tyler Posey on Chatter
| Credit: People TV

“Absolutely, Dylan O’Brien is still one of my best friends,” Posey said.

“We actually went to Comic-Con last weekend with each other. It was our first time we went without any obligations because Teen Wolf is over, so we didn’t have anything to promote,” Posey continued.

“And, we went and partied and danced all night until five in the morning.”

Teen Wolf - 2011
Tyler Posey in Teen Wolf
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“I love the cast of Teen Wolf, and I try to keep in touch with them as much as possible. Dylan and I see each other all the time,” Posey added.

When Posey isn’t reminiscing about his days on MTV or performing with his band PVMNTS, he’s most likely spending time with his girlfriend Sophia Taylor Ali.

Back in January, Posey shared a heartfelt post about the 22-year-old Grey’s Anatomy actress.

“I’ve always had some weird hang up when I get ‘serious’ in a relationship, it’s hard to pinpoint why or the origin of it but I feel it’s something that’s always kind of f—– things up for me when things are getting good,” Posey wrote.

“It’s something that’s always gotten in the way for me and the others around, whether it be a romantic relationship or a friendship. I vow to give it my all to tackle these things and be the man I should be. For me and others around me.”

“I’ve found someone worth it. At no fault to others in my past or present, I’ve just been able to open my eyes about it because of my girlfriend, Sophia,” Posey continued.

“And as much as I’d like to share this just with my personal friends and family, I realize I have a platform and it’s cool to be honest and I think it helps others who are going through the same. This is to soph and everyone in my life, I love you all so much. F— yeah 🤘🏻,” Posey added.

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