Tyler Posey Gushes Over Girlfriend Sophia Taylor Ali: 'I've Found Someone Worth It'

Tyler Posey gushed over girlfriend Sophia Taylor Ali in a sweet social media post after revealing that previously he'd "always had some weird hang up" about serious relationships

Tyler Posey wants the world to know how much his girlfriend Sophia Taylor Ali means to him.

The Teen Wolf star gushed over the 22-year-old Grey’s Anatomy actress in a sweet Instagram after revealing that previously he’d “always had some weird hang up” about serious relationships.

“My whole life I feel like I’ve done the right thing and made the right choices and have strong convictions that I feel are morally correct that I like to stick to,” the 26-year-old wrote. “That being said, I am a human and have problems and issues I need to work past.”

“I’ve always had some weird hang up when I get ‘serious’ in a relationship, it’s hard to pin point why or the origin of it but I feel it’s something that’s always kind of f—d things up for me when things are getting good,” he continued. “It’s something that’s always gotten in the way for me and the others around, whether it be a romantic relationship or a friendship. I vow to give it my all to tackle these things and be the man the I should be. For me and others around me.”

Posey revealed that Ali had helped him “open his eyes” about his difficulties with relationships.

“I’ve found someone worth it. At no fault to others in my past or present, I’ve just been able to open my eyes about it because of my girlfriend, Sophia,” he continued. ”And as much as I’d like to share this just with my personal friends and family, I realize I have a platform and it’s cool to be honest and I think it helps others who are going through the same. This is to soph and everyone in my life, I love you all so much. F— yeah 🤘🏻”

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Although Posey waited until now to really make their relationship Instagram-official, the happy couple have been posting photos together on social media since October — and they haven’t been shy about showcasing their affection.

In October, Posey cheekily captioned a series of photos of his girlfriend, “Best view in the house. The city’s aight too I guess.”

The pair were first rumored to be dating in August, after the Teen Wolf star told E! News that he had started seeing someone.

“I really admire her. “I think she’s extremely talented and a great person,” he said. “I’m inspired by her a lot, and she intimidates me sometimes, which I’m not really used to. I’m nervous right now talking about it. She’s beautiful, really cool, has a lot of the same interests. I could go on about that, too.”

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Tyler Posey/Instagram

Posey was previously engaged to his childhood sweetheart, Seana Gorlick. In 2013, at 22 years old, the actor proposed to Gorlick after 10 years together. But by the end of the following year, the engagement was off.

“I’ve never been a player or into one-night stands,” he told PEOPLE at the time. “I need to be single for a little while. I need time to grow.”

Following the ending of his engagement, the actor dated actress/musician Bella Thorne.

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