The exes have been flirting up a storm on social media

By Aurelie Corinthios
March 24, 2020 11:47 AM

Another day, another TikTok tease courtesy of Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron.

On Monday night, the exes — who are in Florida with their self-proclaimed “quarantine crew” — were back at it with the content, this time documenting a round of Spin the Bottle.

“Alright, the moment we’ve all been waiting for,” Cameron, 27, says in the video. “A little Spin the Bottle with old Hannah Brown! Here goes nothing.”

Credit: Tyler Cameron/TikTok

Then the shot cuts to Cameron, looking extremely eager, and Brown, looking anxious. But instead of landing on Brown, the bottle lands in the direction of one of Cameron’s friends, who wags his tongue excitedly at the camera.

“A little spin the bottle with @hannahkbrown and @brownbearvisuals sadly…” Cameron, 28, captioned the post.

Credit: Tyler Cameron/TikTok
Credit: Tyler Cameron/TikTok
Credit: Tyler Cameron/TikTok

The two also played a game of musical chairs, with Cameron yanking the chair out from under Brown, 25, just as she was about to sit down.

“What a gentleman, pulling the seat out for me,” she joked in her video caption.

Fans started speculating that the Bachelorette stars had possibly rekindled their romance after he was photographed picking her up at the Palm Beach International Airport earlier this month. They’ve been together ever since, documenting their shenanigans on TikTok and Instagram with a group of friends.

Though they haven’t publicly addressed whether or not they’ve back together in any way, they’ve certainly been having some fun with all the speculation. Last week, they joked that Cameron “finally got into Hannah’s pants” in the caption of their “Flip the Switch” video, a viral TikTok challenge.

Credit: tiktok

And over the weekend, they sent their fans into a frenzy when Brown walked over to Cameron during an Instagram Live workout and covered his crotch with a bandana, joking, “Put that thing away!”

Cameron was Brown’s runner-up (and overall fan-favorite) on The Bachelorette last year. Though it briefly seemed like they were going to get back together after she broke off her engagement to Jed Wyatt, he started to date Gigi Hadid. He and the supermodel split in the fall after a string of public dates.

After Cameron’s mother suddenly died of a brain aneurysm last month, Brown flew to Florida to visit her ex. A source told PEOPLE at the time that it “meant a lot to him that she came to support him in his time of need.”

“Tyler was able to show her around Jupiter, introduce her to his friends, and have some good laughs,” the source said. “Just being able to hang out together, smile, and take his mind off things has been really helpful to his grieving process. It’s just what he needed.”

“They went through this crazy ride on The Bachelorette together in front of the whole world and will always be bonded because of it,” the source added. “There’s no bitterness there.”