'Teen Mom'' s Tyler Baltierra Defends Decision to Write About His 'Emotional Pain' on Social Media

Tyler Baltierra is hitting back at haters criticizing him for opening up about his "emotional pain" on social media

Tyler Baltierra is hitting back at haters criticizing him for opening up about his “emotional pain” on social media.

The Teen Mom OG, 26, shared an Instagram post on Wednesday sharing some of his poetry in which he opened up about feeling “like my brain is so scattered that the moment I felt like I get what I’m after while climbing this ladder this person in the mirror just smiles through laughter.”

He continued, “Then smacks me in the face which starts the chase to this inevitable race to feeling broke, beaten, devalued, out of place & now I’m all off pace.”

“It just leaves me shattered and every time I think about my life, my brain becomes battered with only one question… does my life really even matter!?”

Several fans reached out to Baltierra on Instagram and Twitter, with some responding, “Your life does matter.”

On Thursday, he tweeted to concerned fans, “Listen guys, I write when I feel the emotional pain that comes from an emotional rage. I write to put some of these dark thoughts somewhere else besides my brain. This is not something to get all concerned about. This is healthy for me & an outlet to let these emotions out.”

Baltierra followed it up with another Tweet on Friday, after one fan tweeted at him, “I think the avenue that you take by writing your feelings down is a good one. With that being said I don’t think that you should put it on social media only because there’s a lot of us out here that really do care about you!”

The father of two tweeted in response, “Thank you but I have to disagree on the last part, because that’s EXACTLY why I put my poetry on social media. I care about all of my supporters & I want them to know they’re not alone & there is someone else who can relate to them on a deep level. Life is about human connections.”

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He continued with another tweet, this time calling out those who criticized him by writing, “Yeah I hear all you b——, I hear all you hatin & tryin to belittle, but I am not brittle & you got me glitchin if you think I’m switchin, so stop all your flexin & stop all your b——, your keyboard words can’t put me in stitches #KeepHatin #ItsFuelWhenImWritin.”

The MTV star revealed in April during the Teen Mom OG reunion that he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Tyler Baltierra/Instagram

“Honestly, I wasn’t even planning on releasing that info, but once Cate mentioned about my recent diagnosis, I figured what the hell!? Like why am I so against telling anyone!?” he tweeted after the episode. “It’s actually been a little easier to digest since I have been talking about it more #KeeptalkingMH.”

He added that his diagnosis is “still so new” to him but that he is doing his best to find ways to take care of himself.

“I’ve been doing nonstop research on the diagnosis, the different remedies to combat the symptoms, & how to better understand it,” he said. “I did refuse medication, but only because I wanted to try all of the natural remedies first. It’s a journey!”

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