In his newest campaign to help raise money for Kids In The Spotlight, the Modern Family actor is urging fans to donate in a chance to win a trip of a lifetime
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Who would’ve known that a chance to hang out with Ty Burrell would also result in a good deed?

The Modern Family star spoke with PEOPLE about his recent partnership with Omaze (a charity fundraising platform) to help raise money for Kids In The Spotlight, a non-profit organization that encourages kids in the foster care system write, film, and edit their own short movies.

As part of his Omaze campaign, the 47-year-old actor is offering one lucky fan a chance to hang out with him on the set of Modern Family.

But it isn’t just about set visits. Burrell, who has been a supporter of K.I.T.S. for about two years, strongly believes in the message that the organization holds.

“Certainly kids in the foster care system have plenty of obstacles already,” Burrell, 47, said. “In a way this is more about putting them in touch with their creative instincts and allowing them to express themselves and actually trying to remove some obstacles and give them a free pathway to producing their stories.

“It’s inspirational for people who are watching them,” he continued. “It’s an incredible thing for a kids self-esteem to be able to accomplish something like that.”

The organization holds a steady place in Burrell’s heart for many reasons. One being that him and his wife, Holly, adopted two young girls, Frances and Greta. Because of his hands-on experience, the struggle that these children go through while in the foster care system isn’t news to him.

He also expressed his support for children of all backgrounds to stay involved with extracurricular activities and programs like K.I.T.S.

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“[Children] face more challenges in the area of identity,” Burrell said. “But I think that any young person deals with really kind of [getting to know] yourself. I think one of the biggest ways in which we do is through your instincts and learning what your instincts are. Listen to them.”

Burrell’s fatherly advice especially resonates through his relationship with his TV children. With Father’s Day around the corner, Burrell couldn’t help but remanence his proudest “TV dad” moments with the kids of Modern Family.

“I love watching our TV children interact with people who come to set and visit,” the actor said. “Anytime you watch a young person grow into somebody who has humility and is not afraid to be generous and be polite and kind, it does make you proud of them, even if you have no responsibility in it!”

As for his own family plans? Burrell is all set!

“I have my ideal Father’s Day planned,” Burrell said. “I’m going to smoke some ribs all day that will take about eight hours and I’ll be playing with my kids throughout. Then, we’re having all of extended family over for dinner. That’s the dream day.”