By People Staff
December 16, 2009 12:00 AM

Wow, it happens so fast. Here we are and it’s time to choose a winner. That means the performances have extra fire, extra funk!!! Each dancer has proven to be quite stellar in the realm of performance. I love how they switched partners for both dances.

First off, I definitely have to disagree with Nigel about Ellenore and Ryan‘s jazz piece. He said it was a little devoid of emotion, but I found it more fascinating than disturbing. It says a lot about a performer when they can emote without giving you crazy facial expression. And Ellenore has performance quality in spades.

Another standout piece for me was Russell and Ashleigh’s lyrical jazz number by Sonya Tayeh. I found it raw and complete. The judges mostly gave praise to Russell (I don’t blame them after going back and watching it again). I’d like to say that Russell’s commitment is what it takes to get through a competition like this. There is no time for second-guessing and feeling unsure. I feel Russell has never given an inkling of being unsure. I definitely have to agree with Mary when she said Russell was “on fire.”

Kathryn and Jakob‘s contemporary piece stole that show!!!!! PASSION! LOVE! BEAUTY! Mary hit it on the nose when she said, “No back story, just beautiful dance.” Adam Shankman called it a “game changer.” Without putting a wordy description on such beauty, I just have to say that the piece is what dance is all about. Whether one knows the difference between a pointed foot or not, this piece transcends the lines of judgment and dissection. The beauty was undeniable. Thank you, Dwight and Desmond, for the inspiration and love and joy that I feel and hope wraps the world 80 times over. Absolutely gorgeous. As a man … and a superhero … I definitely cried.

The husband/wife (Ryan and Ashleigh) duet choreographed by Travis Wall was, as Adam put it, “incredibly tender.” A very beautiful moment in SYTYCD history. That’s why I love the show. We got to see everything that culminated to this moment — the two of them, selflessly emoting through movement! Nowhere else ladies and gents — only on SYTYCD!!!!!

Well there it is, the end of the competitive season 6. What an amazing ride it has been. And as it always does, it leaves you hungry for more! I want to personally thank all of the contestants and choreographers for being so generous with their talent, energy and inspiration this season. Thank you for adding some amazing moments to the SYTYCD legacy — and welcome to the family!

Well folks, until next season! Captain tWitch out!

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