October 28, 2009 12:00 AM

What up Doc!!

First and foremost — WOW, what a great night to be a fan of dance! A very strong opening show indeed. The lighting and space of the new stage also worked a lot better than I thought they would, allowing the dancers to really get into every performance.

I’m very proud of the hip-hoppers for committing to whatever style they were given. Russell reminds me of Joshua Allen in a way — no matter what he has been given so far, every step of the way, he has given 100 percent commitment. The passion he showed in his solo was amazing.

I love Adam Shankman as a judge; he’s very informative and personable and one of my favorite in the industry. I also love what Adam said about Jakob Karr: “God put him here to spread the gospel of dance.” A powerful statement, and a testament to Jakob’s amazing ability.

I absolutely loved the Dave Scott routine. Couldn’t have been more perfect for Legacy and his charisma!!!! The way Kathryn stuck with him and played the character was awesome.

There’s also something about Nathan Trasoras. The kid has got “it,” especially when it comes to dance. Besides driving the ladies crazy by just standing there, he has a special gift of movement. I loved the disco routine that he and Mollee did (I love her personality). They had the exact kind of energy disco needs. Made me feel good while watching them perform.

Man oh man, Travis Wall is a beast!!! I am so glad he is a choreographer for the show. We have so much to look forward to from him. The piece he did was so dope. Victor and Bianca danced it so beautifully!!!!!! I love what Mary Murphy said about Bianca’s persistence, that she has been trying out for years, and now the hard work is paying off. And it is well deserved indeed!!!!!!

I was sad to see Ariana leave as I was looking forward to her growth this season. I thought it was very nice what Nigel Lythgoe did for Brandon. Hopefully he will train his ass off and comeback a force to be reckoned with.

At this point in the game, it’s hard to choose the couple, or guy or girl to beat because I enjoyed every performance for the most part. We’ll see in the coming weeks who really works the hardest and stays on the grind under pressure. It’s a very daunting process to go through… one that I went through, and grew exponentially from. We’ll see who steps up to the plate to knock it out of the park!!!!!

Stay funky, fresh, and IV REAL!!!!!!! — twitch

Tell us: What performance stood out the most for you?


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