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Updated November 11, 2009 12:00 AM
Credit: tWitch

What up world! It’s your boy tWitch taking some time off on the set of Stomp The Yard 2, to share my thoughts about last night’s performance episode of SYTYCD with the masses.

I am so happy to hear that Dizzy Feet is moving forward with such force! Sounds like a wonderful event on Nov. 29! Not only happening for a good cause, it’s a wonderful night of dance. Quest, Alvin Ailey, SYTYCD, Dancing with the Stars and America’s Best Dance Crew all under one roof? Wow!

For this being the first “voter show,” all of the performers were definitely connecting with each other and with us, the audience, whether in studio or at home.

In the first piece, there were tons of dope lift sequences. I agree with Adam Shankman when he said that he finally saw Kevin tonight. The couple worked so well together and both had great moments. Karen got to play into that hotness by being the temptress and working the lines of the lifts and character of the old school grooves. Kevin stepped up to the plate by stepping out of his comfort zone with the double pirouette, split leap and pink costume.

YEAH, Mandy Moore! Her choreography was captivating and highlighted each dancers strengths! Mandy’s music selection is always amazing. Those factors, paired with incredible dancers like Ashley and Jakob, the artful use of a prop and some great camera shots and lighting made this a highlight routine of the show. A complete package! It requires a much more intense focus and concentration to make your prop a part of your dance and not just a prop. It was an amazing partnership on so many levels. They are a FORCE in this competition. And by the way, Mandy gets the Beast Award of the night. Congrats!

Pauline and Peter had a tough one with the quickstep. The quickstep is known as the “kiss of death” because the dancers have to focus on so much at the same time and sometimes it comes across like they aren’t. Imagine moving your feet 300 miles per hour, holding your line and frame, skimming across the floor while having a light and delightful bounce. Now, imagine that it’s completely out of the style you are used to dancing. Big ups to this duo for giving us a show amidst what Mary and Nigel saw as technical chaos.

I loved Legacy and Kathryn‘s Broadway routine. I do agree with the judges about Kathryn’s character, but it would be difficult for me not to smile on stage with Legacy. He has enough charisma to circle the stage! In order to give the complete package of the performance, dancers have to know the motivation of the dance, the gestures and the history between each character. It’s their job to make it as easy for the audience to understand the story, and that takes more than adding a grin to the moves.

Yes for more Tookie-ography! Channing and Victor had a great connection and performed well for being a new couple. The only thing that counted against them is what I just mentioned. This performance, about a toxic relationship, calls for a notion of being familiar with the fights and arguments. That brings about a different kind of frustration and angst. We needed to see how many times these two have gone down this path of agony.

Eleanor and Ryan, two dancers that are completely out of their comfort zone, gave a good attempt. Trying to pick up Lil C‘s swag in a couple of hours is a true test of will. That said, whenever a hip-hop routine is up, the thing to concentrate most on, besides the choreography, is where your grooves lie. You have to learn how your body adjusts to different grooves at various speeds and body positions. Without this knowledge, one tends to look a little stiff. In hip-hop, you have to know where home is.

Gustavo, or as Mary called him “Gu-suave-o,” gave a hot routine! Big ups to the Mollee and Nathan for getting through it, but it lacked the “meat and potatoes!” The theme I keep coming back to is motivation and knowing where you’re operating from and why.

Welcome, Sean! He gave Russell and Noelle an uplifting and very fast Afro-jazz routine with a great story concept behind it. They both showed growth, which is a great thing to witness. I loved how Russell still threw some of his krump movement into it, and Noelle’s energy sky-rocketed through the roof. But I was looking for a lot more freedom in the movement.

It was a great third show! I love the video packages. That’s one of the greatest things about SYTYCD — we get to know the dancers on and off the floor. From a former contestant of SYTYCD, I say this: As the weeks go on, you (as dancers) will pick your faves and not-so-faves. You will have great weeks, alright weeks and not-so-good weeks. But one of the things that makes this show so easy to connect with is that we (as viewers), know you (as dancers) might not know how to do every single style you pull. What we love is how you apply the knowledge that you gain and how much fun you are having.

Captain tWitch out!

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