Lautner is replacing Andy Samberg as the lead in BBC comedy Cuckoo

By Melissa Locker
Updated February 11, 2014 10:00 AM
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

Twilight star Taylor Lautner must be having a great birthday, as news just came out that he is set to join the cast of Cuckoo, a culture-clashing comedy hit that airs on the BBC.

Lautner, who turns 22 on Feb. 11, will have big (clown) shoes to fill on the show – he is replacing comedian Andy Samberg as the lead male actor.

The first season of Cuckoo starred Samberg as Cuckoo, the hippie husband and self-appointed spiritual ninja of a middle-class English girl who brings him home after a summer abroad. Her parents are unpleasantly surprised by their daughter’s New Age transformation and choice of spouse, and wacky hijinks ensue with laugh-inducing head-butting and comedic clashes.

Cuckoo was Samberg’s first post-SNL role, but the fate of the show was in flux as Samberg’s schedule was packed filming for his new hit show Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

That’s where Lautner comes in. The second season of Cuckoo picks up two years after Cuckoo disappeared while researching a book in the Himalayas, leaving his wife Rachel (Tamla Kari) to rebuild her life alongside her brother and parents, played by Helen Baxendale (whom you might recognize as Ross’s British ex-fiancée from Friends) and Welsh comedian Greg Davies (The Inbetweeners). Just when things are getting back to normal, Lautner’s mysterious young stranger shows up.

“Cuckoo was one of BBC3’s most stand-out comedies, so I’m delighted to welcome it back with the addition of superstar Taylor Lautner joining the critically acclaimed Greg Davies and an outstanding British comedy cast for what will be one of the comedy treats of the year,” Zai Bennet, BBC3 controller, told The Guardian.

The show, which is executive produced by Ash Atalla, who brought comedy fans such gems as The Office and The IT Crowd, is already slated for an American remake by NBC.

For an idea of what Lautner is in for, here’s a trailer for the first season of the show starring Samberg:

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