By People Staff
June 09, 2008 12:00 AM

• So the Dirt on Courteney Cox Arquette‘s show? Season 3 of the FX series has been canceled. Apparently fake Hollywood dirt isn’t nearly as interesting as real Hollywood dirt.

Cybill Shepherd‘s dance card is full, thank you very much. Though the actress has reportedly been asked more than once to appear on Dancing with the Stars, her publicist is telling the show don’t you dare tango with the actress.

• In what’s becoming the five-hanky show of TV, Meerkat Manor is mourning yet another loss after the death of meerkat matriarch Flower. Rocket Dog, daughter of Flower, was hit by a car after filming wrapped.

• Have you caught yourself wondering, “Hey, why haven’t I seen Danny Bonaduce or Dustin “Screech” Diamond lately? Some TV exec was having this same thought…and decided to do something about it. We introduce you to CMT’s upcoming series, Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Wrestling Championship. This show will teach you to stop having those random where-are-they-now thoughts. Ruven Afanador / FX