TV Roundup: The Osmonds Take Over Oprah Today

Photo: Photo: George Burns/AP

•The Osmond family united (all 100 members!) on The Oprah Winfrey Show (in an episode airing today) in honor of their father George, who passed away on Tuesday. “We talked about it and my father would want us all to be here,” Marie Osmond said, further proving that the Osmonds really are better than every other family ever.

• A former writer on The Ellen Show is blasting Ellen DeGeneres for crossing picket lines to film her talk show (while David Letterman, Jon Stewart and others are supporting the striking writers). The writer said that DeGeneres was cruel to the head writer, and promised a friend of his a job only to later say that she couldn’t do anything to help him. (She then gave him to her hairdresser.) •Actor Nathaniel Marston has been fired from One Life to Live, following his arrest last month for allegedly attacking three and fighting with the police officers. He was also allegedly on drugs at the time. Sounds like something out of a … hmm … what’s a TV show with outrageous storylines called again?

• The writers’ strike might help some struggling shows stay around longer, since the networks are apprehensive about canceling any original shows that are already in the can. Said the cast of CBS’ canceled series Viva Laughlin, “Now you tell us?”

Photo: George Burns/AP

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