TV Roundup: Strike Nears End, Miley Up for Kids Choice Award

Photo: Frank Micelotta/AMA/Getty

• Fingers crossed! The writers’ strike is this close to being a thing of the past. Also a thing of the past? Dinosaurs. Yay!

• The nominees for the Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards have been announced, and Miley Cyrus is nominated again. Shocker.

Friday Night Smackdown won’t air on the CW this fall. WWE said they are in talks with other networks, but those talks usually end with one of the networks being body checked, hit with a conference room chair and thrown onto the table, which splits in half.

• Producers of Big Brother will turn off the air conditioning to encourage contestants to take off their clothing. It’ll be like MTV’s Next, only without the bus.

Susan Sarandon stars as heiress Doris Duke in the new HBO movie Bernard and Doris. The film is about a tobacco heiress, whose butler steals her booze and smells her clothing when she isn’t around. (They smell like candy!) Frank Micelotta/AMA/Getty

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