George Pimentel/Wireimage
May 16, 2008 12:00 AM

• What happens when The Bad Girls Club tapes a reunion special? Bad stuff goes down. A fistfight broke out among the girls after one told another she was “a cheeseburger away from being obese.” Host Star Jones, who’d heard the exchange, reportedly joked, “If I punched every b—- who called me fat, it would be dead b—-es all up and down the highway.”

•Miss the old-school Bachelor? You know, back when a rose meant a marriage proposal that was eventually broken as soon as the finale aired… wait, nothing’s changed. But you can catch the first 7 seasons of The Bachelor in marathon format on VH1 — it’ll restore your faith in true love, really.

• How do you outfox TiVo? If you’re the Fox network, you come up with Remote-Free TV, which means less commercials between your favorite shows! We’ll still be using using our remotes, of course–to fast-forward through the boring parts of Idol.

George Pimentel/Wireimage

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