TV Roundup: SNL Coming Back with Tina Fey

Photo: Credit: Heidi Gutman/NBC

• Tina Fey will return to Saturday Night Live on Feb. 23 as the show’s first post-writers’-strike guest host. Things go well until she calls Lorne Michaels “Jack Donaghy.”

The Office’s Dwight – Rainn Wilson – will drop trou for a sketch at the Indie Spirit Awards Feb. 23, where he’ll be the host. Only after the show will it be revealed that his invite was actually another prank by Jim and Pam.

• FOX has ordered an American version of the Japanese game show Hole in the Wall. On the show, contestants have to fit through an oddly shaped hole on a quickly approaching wall. It’s like human Tetris, but hey, at least it’s not human Grand Theft Auto.

• To save the show Caveman, fans are sending in envelopes filled with their hair to ABC. The executives at ABC have asked fans instead to send in better scripts for the show.

Credit: Heidi Gutman/NBC

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