Credit: Stewart Cook/Rex USA

Simon Cowell is just as annoyed as you are with all the arm waving that goes on in front of the Idol stage. Unless, you’re one of the waving arms in front of the Idol stage.

• HBO is picking up a second show from Down Under to air in June. Australian comedian Chris Lilley will play the roles of three high school characters in mocumentry Summer Heights High. Note to Paul Hogan: better strike while the iron is Aussie.

Elisha Cuthbert returns to television in the CBS drama Ny-Lon. Returning to CBS? Men.

Buffy creator Joss Whedon gets another crack at the sci-fi/fantasy genre with his new series Dollhouse, about who are assigned personalities. When reached for comment, Nathan Fillion of Whedon’s canceled show Firefly said, “I can play that.”

• MTV will get a reality version of My Fair Lady, with Donald Trump in the role of professor Henry Higgins. We can’t wait for updated lyrics to “Rain in Spain.”

Stewart Cook/Rex USA