TV Roundup: 'Seinfeld' Part Deux?

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty

Jerry Seinfeld is in talks with NBC for a new series, in which he’ll play himself in New York. But it’ll be totally different from his former hit, Seinfeld. For starters, his friends will be named Ellen, Kruger and Jorge. UPDATE: A rep for NBC says it the report is false but cannot confirm that the show won’t happen in Bizarro world.

Celebrity Rehab patient Mary Carey has been approached for her own reality show on VH1. Further proving that a reality show on VH1 really does lead to a career … On VH1.

Chelsea Handler, host of E!’s celeb-skewering show Chelsea Lately, says she gets sick of the antics of starlets like Paris, Lindsay and Britney. Wait, she doesn’t like loud attention-grabbing blondes? Hmmm…

Alycia Lane — the news anchor who allegedly slapped a cop and used a gay slur against a female officer last December — has been hired by NBC to do local news in New York. And New Yorkers are not happy, saying they prefer their ill-behaved celebrities to be former child stars, not news anchors, thankyouverymuch. Kevin Winter/Getty

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