Credit: CW

• One of the Gossip Girl guys is coming out! Sources don’t say which character it is, but we’ve heard it’s the one that wears the striped tie and blazer.

• CBS has brought in veteran actors Fred Savage and Amy Smart to their already A-list cavalcade of sitcom stars. Smart will play an angel matchmaker in Meant to Be, while Savage will play the title role in Single White Millionaire. Meanwhile, Wonder YearsJosh Saviano will continue to do whatever it is he does now.

• Animal Planet is debuting a new series called Whale Wars — a reality show about environmentalists who go on dangerous missions to stop whaling boats — in an effort to appeal to an “edgier” audience. Also coming to Animal Planet: Puppy Bowl Death Match.

• Despite viewer protests, CBS has canceled Jericho. Fans have been sending tons of peanuts — a reference to a line in the show — as a sign of their support. CBS executive have also threatened to cancel How I Met Your Mother unless fans start sending beer. Photo: THE CW