By People Staff
October 08, 2007 12:00 AM
Photo: Scott Odgers/

Tiffany Pollard gives dating another go on I Love New York 2, premiering tonight, even though her three previous forays into reality dating shows ended with in her getting dumped–on-air. So why go back for another season? “It’s not about being on TV,” she says. “It’s about finding love.” She’s right. You totally cannot find your true love at a park, a bar, through friends, online or through work.

•MTV is launching a revamped version of Making the Band. This time, they’re looking to cast a new version of Menudo, the mega-successful ’80s bilingual boy band that sold 60 million records worldwide, and put them on par with O-Town, Danity Kane and Da Band. • USA Network is planning a TV version of Thank You for Smoking, saying that the main character of tobacco lobbyist Nick Naylor will “live somewhere between the morally ambiguous character of the movie and Robin Hood.” Meaning he’ll steal cigarettes from the rich and give them to the poor.

Kyle XY will return for another season, where he’ll shock everyone by getting a belly button ring.

Photo: Scott Odgers/