Credit: Anthony/ Pacific Coast News

Like Britney Spears on How I Met Your Mother, Paris Hilton will appear in a cameo role on NBC’s My Name Is Earl tonight. Hey Lindsay, Two and a Half Men needs a love interest.

• Waiting for new Lost? Skip the enhanced episodes and listen to the “recap rock” of Previously on Lost. It’s catchier than anything Driveshaft ever wrote.

DeAnna Pappas from ABC’s The Bachelorette will test her suitors in a Home Run Derby at Dodger Stadium in the May 26 episode. Baseball legend Tommy Lasorda will help judge the guys’ athletic prowess, and in a surprise move, win the private date.

• Nickelodeon is using its SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon to develop an online virtual world, la Second Life. Electronic crabby patty anyone? Anthony/ Pacific Coast News