May 19, 2008 12:00 AM

• We’ve got Dancing With the Stars, Step It Up and Dance, and (pretty soon) So You Think You Can Dance, but surely there’s room for another show about fancy footwork. DWTS alum — and Blossom star — Joey Lawrence is set to host TLC’s Master of Dance, which challenges contestants by switching the music halfway through their rumba when, all of a sudden, they have to salsa their way to victory. Hopefully viewers won’t, all of a sudden, switch to another dance show.

Billboard magazine is developing a new reality show. But unlike MTV’s I’m With Rolling Stone, Billboard Next will be a music competition. Artists looking for their big break will submit performance video on the show’s Web site for the public to view and vote for their favorites. The top acts will compete on live television. Should be like Last Comic Standing, only funnier.

American Idol has already announced one of the first changes for the next season of the show. Instead of the filler-heaving, hour-long results shows, contestants will “predominantly” be cut during a 30-minute episode. In another shocking change, Randy Jackson will call contestants, “Cat.” Jennifer Graylock/JPI

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