TV Roundup: Jamie Foxx Gets Real, 'The Bachelorette' Returns

Photo: Vince Flores/CelebrityPhoto

Jamie Foxx‘s new reality show, From G’s to Gents, takes 15 young “g’s” and teaches them style, grace, business etiquette and how to unpimp their rides.

• On an upcoming episode of Maury, Joey Buttafuoco says that wife Mary Jo — who was shot by his teen lover Amy Fisher — is “the meanest person on the planet.” He then went on to criticize Mother Theresa’s fashion sense.

DeAnna Pappas will be the next Bachelorette to search for love on look on the female version of ABC’s The Bachelor. She was dumped last year on the show’s finale when Brad Womack decided not to pick either finalist. DeAnna. Meanwhile, the other finalist, Jenni Croft, is set to star in Who Wants to Be My Rebound?

• The Miss USA pageant will take place in April in Las Vegas. Only we won’t get to see it, because what happens in Vegas… Vince Flores/CelebrityPhoto

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