TV Roundup: 'Jackass' Takes Over MTV

Photo: Lilo/Sipa>

• Get ready! The cast of Jackass is taking over MTV for 24 hours straight. “It’s quite irresponsible of MTV, allowing us to do this,” says executive producer Jeff Tremaine. “None of these guys were made for live television.” Apparently, MTV had a lot of money left over and said, “Hey, let’s use it for FCC fines!”

Jesse L. Martin, who’s played Detective Ed Green on Law & Order since 1999, is leaving the popular courtroom drama. He’s expected to be in just one more episode before his departure, which is said to be amicable. In a case ripped from the headlines, on a future episode of Law & Order, a handsome lead actor will depart from a popular television drama, which eventually leads to a crime to be solved in less than an hour.

• Now that the writers’ strike is officially over, scripted shows will be gearing up again. House will return on April 28. As happy as we are about his return, we have a hunch Dr. House will be cranky.


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