TV Roundup: Howie Packs Up His Suitcases

Photo: Mitch Haaseth/NBC

• For May sweeps, Deal or No Deal will pack its briefcases and head to Estonia, the Philippines and South Africa, where contestants will compete with slightly different rules and in front of local models holding briefcases. Say it with us now: “V ta V i J ta.”

• ABC has announced plans to release hit shows like Lost and Desperate Housewives for free on video-on-demand channels. What’s the catch? Viewers will have to sit through commercials as the channel will not allow them to fast forward. And you have to be chained to your couch for the channel to work.

• NBC has ordered up 13 episodes of a new Robinson Crusoe series, based on Daniel Defoe’s classic novel about a 17th century castaway. They declined any episodes of Desperate Bront Sisters. Mitch Haaseth/NBC>

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